Using dropbox puts everything on the same line?

I was hoping to be able to write on my phone and then transfer it over to my laptop using dropbox, but dropbox puts everything I write on the same line. Does anyone know how to fix this or if they’ve had this problem or something?

A mediator is needed. An app that can work between you and dropbox. Preferably something compatible. Sadly I’ve deleted the records of what apps I used to connect with dropbox via the website so I can’t give you examples. After a bit of searching on the app store on your phone for a “text editor” app (dropbox compatible preferred) you can easily code using the app and have it automatically update, with just about all the features of notepad++.

Course there’s also “” Though it’s been proven to have issues with choicescript’s indention if I’m correct.

Then again there’s also the type of phone that you’re using dropbox on. Depending if you are using the app/browser I would recommend the opposite. Double checking their features should assist with solving the issue. Though I can’t quite pinpoint it… there was something about using dropbox to code being an issue… perhaps it was your problem, or lack of numbers - I can’t be sure.

So, with this insight and these inputs-

The choice is yours, which path will you take?


Well, I am using a file manager app, but it’s the putting into dropbox to transfer devices that’s messing up the spacing. Though transferring from the laptop to the iphone is fine but changing something on the iphone and transferring it back isn’t.
And I only sorta understood your answer. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: using the codeanywhere app did the same thing

Yep, codeanywhere should definitely do the trick. It’s a handy little app for sure.

Can you screenshot an example of your issue? Perhaps that will help get a better picture of what’s wrong.

moving a file from my laptop using dropbox to my iphone and back caused it to do this.

CodeAnywhere on mobile devices is unreliable for ChoiceScript at this time. It inserts hidden characters wherever there are indents in the code (say, for each option in a *choice section), and this breaks the game when you try to run it.

I have reported this to CodeAnywhere and they have promised to let me know when there is an update that addresses this problem.

CodeAnywhere may be fine on a laptop, but the presenting problem is wanting to work on the game when one is away from the computer.