Text based Racing game under development (The Debt):

Please note this project is under joint development by @DUNGEON_MASTER and me


This is all about street racing, you will be playing as a boy/girl who is younger brother/sister of a business man but unfortunately the loan he took to start his business is piling up and he is almost broke, you have a few friends who take part in notorious street races, you decided to take part and make money to help your brother, you spend your days in college and nights on the street circuits, but cops arent easy to evade everytime and one day you are caught and taken into custody but to your surprise you are given a choice to help them as a undercover agent, its upto you to help your racer friends or cops or play the neutral part as long as you can maintain a balance but ultimately you need 3 millions to pay of the loans with in 2 years ofcourse you can pay $10 to $200,or 1M ,anything! But it will effect the endings.

This story will feature renowned cars (names will be changed due to copyright issues) and 5 secret cars, and some pink slip cars but you start initially with your brothers old impreza sti (edit you can now choose your own car as well as your brother’s car) which you sneak out at midnight
(Edit:you will get to choose cars(rented) as the story progresses) (its done to minimize coding issues) on other hand prizes with these Superior class cars are more than what you need if you can win, that is, as competition in these classes are “high”. You also need to manage your academics and your personal life !.
4 RO(2 st 2 bi) the story may stretch from 400k to 500k words having multiple endings. What will happen if your brother finds your a street racer? What if the racers/cops know you are betraying them? What will happen to your RO when they discover whose side you have picked! . (races include circuit lap, sprint, drag, and pink slip races!)

Let me know which story interests you the most, im open to all suggestions, but the work may not start until july…yeah i know it 2 months as well…academics…and im gathering few of my friends to help me in programming.

That said let me know your thoughts!

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  • Story 2

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Edit 2: For convenience i have added the poll now. :slight_smile:

Edit 3. Work started :slight_smile: hope we can get something by july

Edit 4: poll closed, the game now has a title.

Edit 5 Note: this wip is abandoned and is now transfered to personal studio for further development (it wont be text based anymore)


I would be interested in the street racing but since you gender lock it I won’t touch it.


Yeah , same I don’t understand why a race game has to be gender locked There are women in almost all car competitions. Worse all Ro women… And Gay?.. There are gay sports man lol. We are not in 1959


The street racing scene in America is full of bs. My brother used to build and race and I dealt with so much shit from his friends and such …

I know a lot about this stuff but gender locking the story is such a huge turn-off to me that I won’t touch it.

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And why are the ROs only female? If you have to gender lock (which I have no idea why you have so for this game, street racing is not a “boy only” thing) why can’t we at least have a male or NB RO?


In Spain there are women in street racing and in Official racing. We were about have a Spain girl in F1 sadly a deadly accident happened her while trying his car.

Oh, there are women street racers here too and good ones but there is a lot of bias. and harassment.

Also, remember - he is talking illegal racing - not at the track or drag strip - although odds are if you street race you also race legally - it all depends on your money situation… some of the illegal cars have a lot of money into them.

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Hmm…hmm i understand ill see what can be done

The second one is actually a “finished” story
(Yup i already worte it)
So what do you people recommend? Will 2 females and 2 males be good? And regarding mc’s gender i think ill put the male/female will that be good?

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Yes. I’d help you test the story and support it by buying it - the subject matter and way you structured the story sounds wonderful.


thanks, the project is scheduled for july, im gathering all my friends to help me out since im not good in programming but i really want to put these stories.

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Yes That sounds great. I like female would love a game of racing were I can play as one. It happens the same with slammed a great wrestling game let you play as female or gay or whatever and it have a lot of success


Having a schedule is a great first step - a lot of people don’t realize how much work it is scripting. It sounds like since you finished the story on a whole that you have a really good start.

Also, regarding coding - I suggest taking a story or two you like and look at its coding to learn.

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Can’t wait until I hear which cars you have in the story. My brother had Camaros, Datsuns and Acuras. He also built many others for people but he had a bias against Fords. lol.

I had a small chat with my friend he agrees to expand the ro but he also counter suggested that what if we allow the user to select the gender of npcs? Are you guys good with the counter suggestion? Or should the npc have a pre defined gender?

I like the first idea much more, though, but the second one’s good too.

Would that somehow affect the character at hand? If not, then that is irrelevant for me. Just let them be their own characters.

It depends on your writing skill. I write characters that are unique so if I try having NPCs switchable it never works for me - other people do have them switch. In the Daria books there are several NPC characters that switch.

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There are will be some well know cars

Here is something from the my personal records

*you can choose one of the three cars at start

Subaru impreza
Toyota supra
Mitsubishi evo

Secret cars require certain stats, conditions to get,
For example, if you side with racers in end for final races you can buy a rare custom Konigsegg 1:1RX
Or the Custom Mclaren f1S
But if you side with cops they will give you a tuned buggati chiron (undercover) for final races or if you decide not to race in finals and simply bust the racers then youll be given a enforcement laferrari*

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nice starter - actually all them are …

Heh. I like that car a lot too…

No American muscle hmmm? interesting :slight_smile:

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There will be muscles, but at a later stage,

Im trying to divide the cars into classes, it will be a bad idea to put a fiesta against a McLaren (lol)

Im trying to put the cars that are mostly used in street races, though the finals will be different as it will be sponsored by a few local companies in a closed legal circuit which will be turning point of game as you need to make the" last call" here.

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