Terrors in Baskerville Academy (WIP)

Terrors in Baskerville Academy

For the entirety of your life, you have been attending Baskerville Academy for the Enlightened. Life for you has been faring well, especially since you have recently become a prefect. In your senior year, you are faced with the arrival of two new prospective students. Following their arrival, you start to uncover the dark truth hidden behind the porcelain walls of Baskerville Academy.

As you infiltrate offices and develop heartwarming relationships, you begin to wonder if life at Baskerville Academy was really as fun and fulfilling as you had thought. When have you last yearned for the outside world?

Play as a student stuck in a cult boarding school. Can you juggle your studies between your nightly escapades and prefect duties? Can you decide between your loyalty to the Baskerville Family and the cold hard truth?

Romance Options (SPOILERS)

(Always the same sex as the MC)

Loyal and compassionate, Barrett will always be there for you, no matter what choices you make. You may adore her, you may only tolerate her, you may hate her—she will always be wishing for your health and safety after a long school day. However, despite having a heart of gold, they have a rebellious streak that seems to be racking up numbers. Can you find out their deepest secret and save them from their untimely fate?

(Always the opposite sex as the MC)

Ever the stern head prefect, Constantine watches over Baskerville Academy for the Enlightened with a hawk eye. They are generally described as an emotionless robot by the student body. They are fiercely loyal to the cause of the Elders, stopping at nothing to achieve their goals. Can you melt this cold heart or are you two simply fated to be on the opposite sides of the battle?

(Always the same sex as the MC)

Always responsible and fair to the prejudiced, Marshall, vice-prefect of Baskerville Academy for the Enlightened, has been an inspiration for you since before you became a prefect. Be forewarned, however, that beneath the gentle smile always transfixed on their face lies a more sinister nature. If you don’t choose to be careful with your choices, you might find yourself a target in their plans and ambitions. Will you indulge yourself in their lies or will you strive for the truth?

(Always the same sex as the MC)

Ever since the mischievous and stubborn prospective student joined Baskerville Academy, your life has been filled with many twists and turns. Sharp likes to stir up trouble in the student body, always picking fights between friend circles. It’s a surprise why they still remain in Baskerville Academy. Will you let them continue in their reckless massacre or will you calm down the storm that rages inside their heart?

(Always the opposite sex as the MC)

Unlike their childhood friend, Sharp, Chambers is careful at all times. Choosing to hide in the shadows and control the strings, they’ve proven to be quite the mysterious person. The fact that they are seemingly skilled in almost everything, including blackmail and lockpicking, doesn’t help assuage your worries. The distrust between the both of you are, of course, reciprocated. Can you break down the invisible barrier between the both of you and worm your way into their heart or is that barrier fated to remain forever?

About Names (SPOILERS)

If you’re confused about why all of the characters seem to have only their surnames, I can answer that. Once you join Baskerville Academy for the Enlightened, you will only be called by your surname and your corresponding honorific. Some students who have been in Baskerville since their childhood may have even forgotten their first names.

In Chapter 2, you will be given the chance to recall your first name (or not). Once you get past a certain point with the ROs, they may reveal their first name to you, but you may only call them by that name privately.

About Content Warnings

Currently, the game contains sexism and discrimination.

In the future, this game will include violence, torture, and character death. Of course, all of these will be made skippable for those who are uncomfortable with them.

Update Progress

UPDATE 3: 02/24/2022 | Chapter 3 (29,000+ words)
UPDATE 2: 12/01/2021 | Chapter 2 (33,000+ words)
UPDATE 1: 11/01/2021 | Chapter 1 (24,000+ words)

If you discover any bugs or grammatical errors or have any questions about this game, do not hesitate to reply to this thread or ask me in my ask box on my Tumblr. If you also have any suggestions or find the MC acting out of character in some scenes, do so as well. Thank you!

Demo: https://dashingdon.com/play/beumont/terrors-in-baskerville-academy/mygame/
Tumblr: https://baskervilleacademy.tumblr.com/


Cant be male

Oh, sorry about that! I’ll be fixing it as soon as possible.

Edit: Fixed it. Thank you for informing me about this!


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Just fixed it, thank you!

Problems with the pronouns

Edit: can‘t romance Barrett

i like it very much so far!!

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Interesting concept. I’ve never imagined a cult-based school and would be interested to find out the more technical details as our MC explores more.

Just a few bugs. Sharp’s gender changes from page to page and I’m not super sure if Sharp is male or female aside from the mention of their name (Susan) I suppose she’s a girl?

Also - the choices on this page doesn’t progress. With the students arguing with Sharp.

Oh, I’ll be fixing that as soon as possible!

There will be times where the characters’ gender changes from page to page because, originally, this game was a novel with the characters having different genders and names. I’ll make sure to check out the code again to change any names and pronouns from the original novel that I didn’t notice while coding the game.

Hello, everyone! I’ve looked over the code and changed all the pronoun and name errors I’ve noticed. You may still find some in the game, so please don’t hesitate to report them.


There is a loop after Barret and when Im checking my stats in stat screen the demo suddenly start in the beginning.

Can you describe what scene the loop happened? Also, the demo probably started back to the beginning because I updated the game. I’m not sure if that’s the exact reason though, but I tried checking the stats screen and going back and the game didn’t restart.

After I choose Barret as friendly acquaintance.

Maybe that was the cause. I should check first if its happening again. Sorry for my bad english.

Fixed, thank you!

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I played the game and picked that choice, and it seems like there’s nothing wrong? If it’s possible, can you try picking the same choices you took and show me a screenshot? Sorry for the bother!

About the ‘fist’, I fixed that grammatical error in my code but I think I’ll just update it later so I won’t interrupt your playthrough. Thank you!

Also, @Hector_Lopez, I just fixed that error. Thank you!

The big circles are things that are repeated, but in a different manner

Very much enjoying this but what a shame that the codes are so buggy.

gender errors, she/her instead of he/him

can't get past these errors :((

There is no need to. I already did and its fine. There is no problem. You already fixed it.