Tall tale of Draigs (WIP) formerly known as Drágóneer (WIP)

That’s insane mate :scream:

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“The cake is like Herobrine; a hack that grew onto legend then started terrorizing the minecraft community…”

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okay, putting the breaks on this cake thing coz I hate cake and I am happy with my life decisions.


That’s too bad, because cake is great.


I like to think anyone who says “The cake is a lie” are just trying to deceive you into giving up the pursue, so they can go after the cake themselves and on nom nom nom. :stuck_out_tongue:


The reason there is no cake is because people spend their time saying “The
cake is a lie” instead of baking an actual cake.


@LordOfLA I’ll answer it here so we won’t derail that topic over there. And yes, I like to be a burned cookie sometimes.

I’d say the coding part is slower…really slower…than the writing part… its sad…made a longer explanation post here. If you really want to know the whys…

I’m sort of writing some spin-off miniseries since well again read that link post. I’m actually bored… so to speak…. just the thoughts….


New links again?! You’ve changed blog links like 5 times since you first started :stuck_out_tongue: Just popped by to check on the updates. Hope you, Aera and your co-writer are doing well!

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It was 11 times I believe, reason? He gets bored using the same thing over and over. It’s just my hypothesis, I’ll live that question on the air and let him answer less I make a mistake on answering it.

To conclude @honeymichie is bored, I’m busy helping coder @Aera since she has RL work conflicts. I’m practically scratching my head learning choicescript. All in all, we’re doing okay and on the bright side we only need to code everything and we’re done.


ughhhhhh :heart_eyes::two_hearts: stories/games that are about/involves taking care of animals really makes me happy. i just really love animals and im studying in college now to be a veterinarian sooooo yeaaa, you can imagine just how much i love this game. dragons are really majestic af and i love anything that involves dragons sooo yeaaa. ever played dragon age? no? do yourself a favor and play the triology man. its awesome. haha sorry im saying random shit now. anyway, goodluck with your game. :two_hearts:

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As nice as your comments are (and they really are) please read the forum rules , which say clearly that people should not revive WIP topics that are inactive for more than two weeks.

If you really can’t hold back your praise you also can pm the authors directly.


oh. right. sorry. tbh i never read the rules and just went crazy talking to all the authors that ive been wanting to talk to for the past few days. ill go and read the rules now. >///>

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There is a paragraph that goes like this: “As part of the Eklarvein tribe, you’re tasked to protect the creatures known as the draconis. However, before you can become a full fledge Drágóneer you need to pass a test and most importantly…” You wrote full fledge instead of fully fledged.

It is in the synopsys, third paragraph, second sentence.

And, if you ask me, I would say that writing is not so much about seeing as it is about feeling, and you have made it obvious that eyes are not needed for that. As long as you can feel and imagine, you can write whatever you want.

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@Elsee Don’t worry about it. Thank you for the vote of confidence about the game thou. Feel free to asks questions as I’m just lurking around the forum for the time being :smiley:

@Hakai_no_Megami Thanks for the vote of confidence :smile:

I’m mostly chilling most days and to everyone reading, don’t worry I’m still working on Drágóneer. My muse is just missing for a while now which explains my laziness and oh, my love for procrastinating stuff. Lols.


How’s everyone? Wow my last post was on Jun 14, 2017 9:41am…… So many details, what happened to the forum?

Anyway, sorry for being lazy, but good news I’m back and I’ll be updating some stuff. Major and minor changes are coming because my muse decided to take a dramatic detour.

Hope to see you guys around and sorry for the long break… I needed it badly… for my sanity sake….

General Update please refer to the very first post cuz I’m lazy to type everything again even copy pasting stuff….


Welcome back @honeymichie happy too see this is back

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Glad to be back and wondering what to do again. Missed you guys fighting over the NPCs lols oh well I’m gonna make everything work again.

Glad to have you back @honeymichie :smile: I can’t speak for the both of usbut it’s good to see that your sanity has returned

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It’s good to see you back!

Would it be possible to amend the thread title to say “(formerly Dragoneer)”, though, because I had no idea what WIP this was when I saw it had been updated?


@LightningGarfunkel Yup my sanity is very happy now. With all the diaper changing of a new born baby my sanity turn into hell but now its all good.

@ParrotWatcher Happy to be back I also added that info thanks for suggesting it. Never crossed my mind to add it. A whoops moment on the day I even got back.


My favourite wip is back!!! :hugs:
So good to have you back! I missed this wip and missed talking about it and its characters (I missed Logan :heart_eyes:). :blush: