Systems(working title) WIP (space western)


As far as romances go, I like to have enough options that I can find one that makes sense for my MC for a certain play through. I think the most important thing about romances is pacing and variety. I don’t want to feel limited- as in, there are only two options and one of them is such a jerk you can’t stand them- and I don’t want it to feel like “Hey, I really like you. Now let’s get married.” Lastly, I think LI’s should be an integral part of the plot even if your MC doesn’t romance them.

This pin describes this perfectly!

For length, I think you should make it as long as it needs to be to tell the story you want to. I don’t think a longer game is automatically a better game and you can pretty much always tell when a story has been stretched out just for word count… That being said, I think it’s a good idea to make a lot of side stories that subtly change the ending. A short game can have a lot of re-play ability if you have things like Easter-eggs and secret achievements- like a near-impossible romance with a late-game NPC- or maybe getting an unusual solution to a problem (singing your way out of a situation? Throwing a slushie to defeat a your arch-enemy?) :wink:


Thats awesome, I mean I’m pretty well on the same page with everything you said Bjorked so that kind of plays right into my hand, thanks for the thorough answers! Any more opinions from anyone are welcomed and appreciated!


Any opinions on dying(and having to start over) vs always surviving(and just losing stuff or missing out)? This is one I’m pretty divided on


Dying would improve the realism–there are some things a PC logically shouldn’t be able to survive without top-notch medical care, like a bullet to the head–and it wouldn’t be much of an annoyance if you added save checkpoints. By contrast, permanent stat losses could be rather annoying.


Man, I don’t know why but I totally forgot that you can do checkpoints(not sure how yet) but that is an excellent way to split the difference on this thought. I’ll have to figure that out, slapping my hand to my forehead for not thinking of that. Thanks Kailas!


This might help, but it looks a little complicated. On the other hand, you can publish with it in place, unlike the other save system.
This is a ‘checkpoint system’ so it’s allowed in the final version of the game…


If you type *sm_int 3 | (gamename) into your game files just after your scene_list in startup.txt and upload that to dashingdon then I’ve heard it will have a save system there for you automatically. I have yet to test this so I cannot tell you for sure.


Oh awesome guys, thank you very much! I’m reading up on it right now. By the by, Bjorked, I did read that bit about human evolution in space. It was pretty intriguing.


One thing I hate to admit(but maybe someone has advice on this) is I am pretty sure stat balancing is going to be an issue as this kicks up. So when I put out this next bit just keep in mind I am completely clueless on a lot of this.


Soooo… I had done some junk (spelling and bugs) some days back, and did not actually update on dashingdon, I’m a space cadet at times. Anyway, that stuff is up now, sorry about that. Don’t think there is much in the way of new content on it, just fixes and such. If there are more errors and bugs, there likely are, let me know. I’m spending a portion of the day working on this stuff so I’ll keep an eye on this thread while I’m working.


Almost done with demo/preview update, I’ll have it up tomorro more than likely but could be sunday


Finally put up the new bit… Did not get done as much as I wanted to(namely side mission stuff and this deal to transition a randomized npc into a reappearing character)
But, I did get the next part of the main story stuff and I took a lot of time looking for spelling errors and coding errors this time so hopefully it will be a bit better that my first attempt. Any feedback and bug reports are greatly appreciated! Thanks for your time folks, hope you enjoy!


The game is set to private


Oh wow, I feel foolish hahaha. Hopefully I got it fixed, thank you!


I like how you’ve expanded the game so far. It’s fun to play the Bounty Hunter path (haven’t tried the others yet), and I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with the plotline.

Few quick things:

–It might be handy, in the character-building section, to allow the player to specify both eye color and the placement of a facial scar (if you choose facial scar).

–There’s a game-ending bug if I let the law-enforcement officer get onto my ship. (I chose to stay and meet him rather than run away.)


Hey Kailas, thanks for the feedback! I’ll hop to it with that bug. Far as the character creation suggestion, I can’t think of a reason not to, I’ll put em both in there at some point(at least by the time I put up the next bit), thanks for the suggestion and feel free to let me know anything else you’d like out of character creation. I am working on ship stuff(pick your ship model, each having different stats and such) and perhaps, if I can maintain my ambition, more description for the ship interior. The side mission type stuff is slowing me down in a lot of ways(because of everything I want out of it) so I’m thinking of leaving it in it’s broken state(except game ending bugs) until I’ve got a lot more main story, then come back and sort and expand it.


Hey Kailas, saw one thing that might be it but unsure(if ya try again, ya might use private browser or clear cookies just to make sure you are getting the updated file) if ya catch it again, if you dont mind, let me know what it says and I’ll get it.
EDIT: I got it for sure, but had to use incognito(private) browser for the fix to take.


The lack of spacing makes it really hard to read and understand. It’s just big blocks of text.


Hmm… I’ve heard that before and tried to use more line breaks, I’ll have to try page breaks. Sorry about that, I’ll try to get to it after I get off work(hopefully). Thanks for the time and feedback Dee!

EDIT: I broke up the very beginning(talking about the setting) with page breaks, if ya get a chance you might see if that helps and if that is better I’ll go through and do up the rest like that.(if it doesn’t seem to have changed, ya might try in private browser)


Yeah, it’s actually in this order and format:

*sm_int yourgamehere | 3

This absolutely works!
You have to make sure your browser isn’t set to clear history on exit though… :wink: