Swordsman | A Game Of Luck (AKA Another Silly Great Work By TIYF)


Yet another hour and a half has been wasted in my life to make something silly. Play my silly sword fighting game.

Can you defeat your opponent?

Can you defeat him without taking any damage.

Go do it, in fact you can do it right here. https://db.tt/X43EyyuK


Even before clicking on the link… I suspect not, to both questions.



“Silly” or not, this is another great game, and I thank you for it. This is probably my favorite of those “silly random games” of yours yet.

Truth be told though, the game is fairly easy if you’re “only” focusing on winning. When you’re attacking, stab. When you’re defending, block middle so the enemy can’t stab.

There’s no other place either of you can hit to do more damage. So just keep up a constant defense and attack around there. On top of that, the other middle-attacks are useless since they’re blocked by the same thing as a stab, so even if it works and you get through you’ll just do a third of what you could’ve done.

Getting a no damage run would be more daunting. Still, kudos!


Yea its fairly easy to win and i may find a better way to balance it later. However no damage would be difficult and once this is balanced it may be interesting to try with a full game. Making this a sort of combat engine. :stuck_out_tongue: gah i have too many ideas i want to do.


Yay i won with 3 health remaining


My notes for today specify goals to overhaul the blocking system.Also to add dodging. Could call it a 1.5 version!


I just updated the combat to allow a dodging mechanic that allows you to have a 30% chance to dodge any type of attack. There are also many more blocking directions, 3 for vertical blocking, 3 for horizontal blocking and one to specifically parry stabs.


I won! Yesh! :smiley:

That was pretty fun. :slight_smile:


Indeed silly but I think it was pretty good