Would CoG be able to put their game’s on switch? I’ve seen a few game’s that I’ve seen on Google play on their and was wondering if y’all could or have thought about doing that.


It’s come up before, at least once or twice. I know I’d love to see it but can’t pretend to understand the wheres and whatfors of adding a new marketplace. Especially given that so many mobile games get major price markups on Switch.


Yeah i noticed that too. A game i got on my phone for like 5$ is 20 on switch💀.

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I think the Switch market is controlled by Nintendo – I’m not sure they would approve text-based games for their handheld.


Is there stuff they don’t approve? Given the games that pop up on that marketplace at times, I legitimately wasn’t sure that they ever rejected any games.

And yes, lots of Switch games get such a markup that they can go on sale for like 40% off and still be markedly higher than the same game would be on the phone.

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Nintendo is notorious as gatekeepers – rivaling Apple in their crusade in making sure games adhere to their vision for their platform … this might have changed with the Switch ( I never was involved with Switc, so idk for sure) but knowing the Nintendo culture in their company, most of their rejection is at the front-end of working with them.

Here is their developer portal:



As someone who have always had a handheld nintendo definitly has loosened their gatekeeping for switch.

There is definitly a lot of game that are a lot less family friendly than they used to be on other former platforms.

That said I am not sure COG is a good fit. Neither the switch screen nor the tv seems pleasant to read GOG on.


I agree on this part, but then again if it’s financially viable to implement omnibus app or sell COGs individually then it’s a good thing. I think more stores = wider audience that sees them thus more chance of more sales.

I’d love for COG to branch out onto mainstream platforms simply because it would bring them more recognition, but I don’t believe that most people who use the Switch or similar gaming platforms are buying it to play text-based adventure games (although I could easily be wrong as the gaming audience never fails to surprise me).

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Think I’ve seen a few text game on their but yeah they also had picture with them.

We’ve talked about it! As ever, it’s a question of using our limited resources on new projects/endeavors which may or may not pan out.

(See also: developing a game for Alexa, translating a game into a language other than English. Spoiler: those didn’t move the needle for us at all.)


I wish COG wouldn’t give up translating their games. Maybe try again with a different game, or a different language (quietly whispers Portuguese). :pleading_face: