Surviving High School: Freshman Year (WIP)

So, I plan on this being a four part game (a part for each year). I’m honestly surprised I haven’t seen a lot of HS CoG stories around. There are a few, yes, but far less than I expected.
I plan on this game focusing on the real things HS students go through, no fantasy, real life. You can choose to be male or female, straight, gay, asexual or bisexual, and throughout the game the decision you make will influence your academic grades and your social standing in the school. At one point in the game I will be introducing the opportunity to get a job. The darker aspect of teenage life will be added to this too, such as the option to do drugs, have sex, underage drinking, etc, which will all have consequences. Depression and suicide will also be included, just a heads up for those who want to know.

Currently, I’ve got the character selection done already, and have already started working on the actual story.

A suggestion a friend has already made to me was to add more options for gender, such as both or neither. Any suggestions or comments on my idea is all appreciated!


The regular old teenage life at highschool…hmm being on the run as an assassin while being chased by those trained to kill assassins…or highschool hmmm I’ll go with the first, the less dangerous path.

Hehe high school can be epic, dramatic, intense, heartstopping, painful, depressing, and just about every other kind of emotion

I look forward to seeing how you plan on playing these cards. I’ll be cheering you ob from the shadows…and the light. Demo here we come ^~^


Cool look forward to it. Having an option to join one of the many high school cliques will be fun.


This sounds like a fun and interesting story probably going to be just as hard as actual Highschool was


I think part of the reason there haven’t been many games about High School is that High School is one of the major causes of willful ignorance and mental illness in our society. :stuck_out_tongue:


Considering the number of “fantasy high school” games (I use that broadly to cover everything from fantasy to sci-fi to superhero games in that sort of setting), a truly mundane one that is written well (and with a depth of paths to work with) would be a welcome experience.




@anon48296871 Technically, you haven’t found it. It doesn’t exist yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I’ll keep an eye on this, and see how it goes. It’ll be interesting to see how you do with complicated scenarios. Do you try out for sports, and if so, which one? Are you ‘cishet’, and if you aren’t, how open are you about it? Should you ask out your crush, or hope they ask you out? Decisions, decisions… :slight_smile:

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I actually agree with @anon48296871, sometimes playing the same games (with some variations to it) can become boring so its good to just have a CoG story about actual High School without demons or powers. I’m looking forward to this game, hopefully you’ll do great.


I’ve been wondering the same thing, @Cupcake! Good luck with the game, I’ll be looking forward to it.


Haha @Arcania. I’d certainly choose the first one over the second any day xD
@HitenMitsurugi glad you think so :slight_smile: of course the cliques you can join will be affected by your decisions in game, so don’t be too surprised when one isn’t offered to you.
@Zeus I don’t know about that haha. I plan for the story to be mostly in-depth with emotion more than anything. I feel players tend to like the story better whenever they can emotionally relate :slight_smile:
@Shoelip well, no denying there from me!
@Gray I agree. I’m not sure if I’m actually the best to be writing it (seeing as this would be my first actual time using CoiceScript) but I’m willing to do the best I can to make it awesome!
@anon48296871 they are really hard to come across these days, huh?
@OtherGrimm so many choices. I won’t say it totally like high school (seeing as everyone’s experience in it is moderately different’ but I’m trying to incorporate all the way high school can go for you into one big story!
@Inepted12 thanks for the support!
@One thank you!

Wow, this is great feedback haha. I expected much less, or at least one bad reply! Hopefully when I release the demo it meets up to all of your expectations! I don’t have a release date yet (and I probably own’t post one for a while - still getting used to using ChoiceScript) but as soon as it’s all sorted out I’ll tell you all. In the meantime, thanks for the support!


This sounds like fun. I can go through highschool care free knowing that this time around it won’t actually affect my life! I’m looking forward to this so good luck!

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@Cupcake I really like the concept of the game, and I’m excited to see what you’re going to do with this game. I do have one question though. Are their going to be sports involved such as football or basketball for boys. And if the girls wanted they could do cheer

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I’ll check this out when the Demo’s up. :slight_smile:

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@Aqua_queer that made me laugh lol. It’s totally true though.
@joejoe21 yes, there will be sports for both boys and girls, thought much like the clubs it will all depend on the choices you make in the story for the sports that are available.
@Pqfire09 hopefully you’ll enjoy it when it is!

Would love to see this come to fruition. It’s true we haven’t had many realistic games in terms of high school, or teenagers.

In terms of starting up, will the character be introduced as new to the town, or come with set friends and the like? If so, would you be able to choose set friends due to generic clique basis, and reputations which could influence social standards/ grades? Are those the only two variables you will focus on?

How about rebellion, town standard, responsibility, parental moral code.

Options for siblings?

Sorry for throwing this all at you. Would love to see it! Hope there will be appearance options!

I know it might be more work and trouble than it’s worth but it could boost replayability if you added both of these options

If you’re going to pick just one, having the MC be new in town might be better, as the MC will then be more relatable to the player, as both the MC and the player are meeting new people and experiencing a new thing.


Just one thing: please don’t make the all of the love interest quick to get with, that bothers me when authors of CoG do that xD

Will the decision of what character s you can select as a friend be present. And will there be the option of a drug dealer for a,job. All this game needs is to be done right. And if you succeed. Ill give a big slobbery kiss.