Submitting an Interactive Novel via email

Hello Choice Script People!

After about 2 years of relentless work I am ready to submit my COG IO! when I send it as an attachment via gmail it flags the file for security reasons. I am just sending the .txt files and the .png pictures that go with it…nothing fancy. I have tried zipped and un-zipped. I looked at the forum archive and have followed that advice. There actually is not a lot on this topic. I leave for vacation tomorrow to celebrate this awesome achievement and desperately need help. Thankyou!


The game must be beta tested first. But the Hosted Game process is explained here: Write a Hosted Game - Choice of Games LLC
And must be emailed and linked to the beta: Hosted Games Submission Form - Choice of Games LLC

For Choice of Games, there is this: We’re Looking for Writers - Choice of Games LLC

Edit: Found this, if it helps? FIX: Email Attachments Blocked for Security Reasons [Gmail].


Going to echo this. Absolutely no point in submitting anything to Hosted Games until you’ve run it through a publicly announced beta on the forums. Its a requirement and you’ll likely find it gets rejected if you don’t.


Thankyou Cain_Abel and Jacic

Jacic! I remember speaking with you in depth a while back! I finally finished! Now I am just a moron trying to send things via email and not screw up lol. I mistakenly thought you submit it to be beta tested. I did not realize I put it through beta testing before even submitting. I want to do this right; and ,the version I have ready is set-up for Beta Testers. I added some variables that I can turn off and on to speed-up navigation and check destination accuracy. I would like to get involved with beta testing other writer’s work as well. I saw some links to do that. The links you sent will be very helpful. It is more difficult these days to send attach files via email; however, the links helped me understand what may be happening. Could be my security software or gmails; I don’t know yet. Maybe using a different zipping software. I admit I am not super computer savvy. But I did figure out COG’s writing/coding program and I didn’t think I could do that lol.