Application process for writing for Choice of Games?

Hi all,

I’m a published fiction writer, so I’m thinking of applying to Cog as a writer…

I read the page on the website about it… How long does it usually take to hear back once you send in a writing sample?

Can I post some ideas for stories on the forum in the interest thread in the meantime, or am I shooting myself in the foot? I mean, if Cog likes me, would they reject any ideas I’d already discussed on the forum?

fingers crossed lol

We run editorial transom around twice a month. I believe our response time is noted in our email responses to inquiries, something like “you can check back if you don’t hear from us within a month.” Rarely emails don’t go through because of spam filtering.

Our process indicates not to send ideas before we ask for them, and we don’t trawl the forums looking for ideas. If you want to apply you should send in your CV, as the page requests. You can share whatever you want on the forum, but it doesn’t influence your chances with us.


OK great, thanks!!