Street Jam: The Rise (Finished and submitted)



I assume the requirements are something along the lines of: giving feedback when it was a WIP and following progress. Unfortunately I just now discovered the game but it sounds good.


Yeah that is what it says on OP about the beta. But if you really want to try it, we can talk about it via PMs.


Is the game going to be published?


I have received no message from COG other than one telling me they received it, but considering how many wips they have I assume this is normal… hopefully.


Oh I hope so. I’m looking forward to reading it again. Been a very long time since I read this one. And if it gets published, then I even get to pay you to read it! I do hope it goes well for you once it is published. I’d like for you to become successful with this and let all of us little folks read all your wips.

All your wips are belong to us!


Completely true! Street Jam, Become Mortal, Spacehouse Rock and the rest belong to you here on the forums as much as me. I am sorry I could not make a public beta as I originally envisioned but the lack of comments and attention on here let me know it will not be as popular as I had hoped, so I made it closed instead, but don’t worry I still made sure in my submission to HG that Street Jam would not be more than three bucks at most.

But as you said, my wips and future official games belong to you fans just as much as me (especially the women!) and I promise to always post them on here.

If Street Jam, Become Mortal, or Spacehouse rock become a smash hit I’ll make a full choicescript game and just host it on here and for absolutely free! That’ll show you my appreciation!


I gave it attention until school took my ability to do much more than eat, sleep, or do school work away from me. I have about 5 more days of freedom before I start my last semester of my two year degree. After that I’ll have a whole summer to look at your wips.

I don’t think its that it wasn’t popular, this particular project of yours, I just think most people would read it and do the first part of the quoted text and didn’t comment. Then you have your quite vocal and enthusiastic forum members, so at least you didn’t have to suffer silence for too long. I know I read it a few times before it went closed, but I had nothing to offer, not even time due to school. I’m sure it’ll do favorably, and if are worried about its lack of popularity in your eyes, I do believe that you can do some advertising and promote it. I think I saw something in the forum regarding that. You could look into that and see if you can get a boost once you know if you’ll be published or not.

I started reading BM and it seems like it will be a fun read once it’s out, and I think I recall reading SR (or SHR?)as well and liking that too. So, once those two are finished you’ll have at least another two sales!

Seriously though Tevin, keep up the hard work, and you’ll reap those rewards - or at the very least meet some very nice female fans who will inspire you to work even harder until you achieve your dreams and success.


School sucks dude, I get it!

Well, you may not know this but there was period where we had over a month with no comments and the thread was almost closed… I don’t blame you though.


Now you know how to inspire me bro! Let me message you with the full game.


Hi. Was very interested in playing the full game but the demo is not available anymore for sreet jam. Can you please do something about the demo? Thanks.


No, it is gone for good.


He submitted it to Hosted Games for publishing if it gets published and released you will be able to play it on Google Play, Steam etc.