Street Jam: The Rise (Finished and submitted)

Hey everyone, it’s your cousin Tevin here! After two book failures and a lot of depression, I’ve started work on interactive fiction. I’ve wanted to do this since I was a kid playing choice of the dragon, and I always promised myself as soon as I turn eighteen I’d make one. It’s time.

It’s an underground street fighter story where you play as a new fighter looking to debut in the circuit. Your background is entirely your own choice, as is your rise.

Be warned it is extremely mature and will involve bloody scenes and sexual scenes. I ain’t the type to censor things. It is inspired by the criminally underrated Def Jam series (Duh).

You can rise by winning fights and gaining fans, cheating and shooting up the streets, bribing your way through matches, or using the police to your advantage.

Each route has its own risks, a legit fighter will have to win by using their own skills, a corrupt cheat will have to avoid getting caught by both the circuit and the cops, and someone working with the police will have to avoid anyone finding out. No matter the way you rise, you’ll face many challenges on the way.

Whether you end a champion, a gang leader, chief of police, or six feet under you’ll learn the meaning of danger in the criminal life.

Currently, it is so close to being done we have moved to the private beta. My obsessive fascination with writing will help make updates frequent, so check back often.

To play the demo, go here:
The demo no longer links to Street Jam, as it has been submitted it is gone.

Right now I’m mostly looking for stat balancing advice but grammar checks will be appreciated. And advice for more choices such as backgrounds, more fighters, more clubs, and more romance options will all be extremely appreciated. And look out for easter eggs and other hidden gems.

If you have any criticism go ahead, I very much prefer a bit of advice on what works and what doesn’t than a comment saying “FUN”! And nothing else. Still, any type of feedback is better than no feedback.

That’s all for now folks.

I’ve been thinking of adding low intelligence checks that make an mc act disabled in the style of fallout to the game but I’m unsure if the choice of games higher ups will be okay with it, what do you think?

  • Too offensive
  • Good idea
  • Why the fuck would they give a shit?

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No more reporting bugs in the blood file since we are the final beta, I can’t fix them.

Concept art:

My social media testers have asked a lot of questions about the game, so I decided to add the answers to the most frequent ones right here for you all:


"Why are there no moral scales?"
I gave two bars, one for how criminal you are and the other for how ghetto you are as they are two things that can be easily labelled in a setting like this, but bars like good vs evil would not fit as there are no black and white morality in real life, and this story definitely has no black and whites in it. Everyone in the streets of New Betts city has stabbed someone else in the back, the ones that have not are in a coffin. Don’t take it too hard though, everyone’s been back-stabbed as well. In this setting you are just another shade of gray, just like everyone else is. No one in real life is fully bad or fully evil, and that goes for this life as well. Having a morality scale would not fit the setting. If you act as good as you can in the story the thought that you are a good person among the other shades of gray should be it’s own reward for your MC. And if you act bad… why would your MC care about the scale?

"Who are the RO’s?"
For a female:
Jane (Lover)
Poe (Lover)
Riko (Relationship)
Sascha (Relationship/Locked unless you defeat her)
Lucha (Lover/Locked unless you defeat Sascha)
Streak (Relationship)
Totsu (Relationship/Locked unless you defeat her)
??? (Relationship/ Only available as lover if you defeat them)
??? (???)

For a male:
Jane (Lover)
Poe (Lover)
Spike (Relationship)
Lucha (Relationship)
Sascha (Relationship/Locked unless you defeat her)
Vampirette (Relationship/ Locked unless you defeat Kennedy/No lovers)
Totsu (Relationship/Locked unless you defeat her)
??? (Relationship/ Only available as lover if you defeat them)
??? (???)

For androgynous:
Jane (Lover)
Poe (Lover)
Lucha (Relationship)
Sascha (Relationship/Locked unless you defeat her)
Kennedy (Relationship/Lover)
Totsu (Relationship/Locked unless you defeat her)
??? (Relationship/Only available as lover if you defeat them)
??? (???)

"Is there a non-binary option?"
Of course. I always planned one, but over time I realized a non-binary option may be a bit hard to fit in the story as I planned the RO’s to have preferences instead of all being bisexual like in a lot of other games, but I eventually figured it out. The non-binary option is a person who does not conform to gender norms and this will be referenced throughout the story, and there will be a special RO for them as well.

"When will it be done?"
Definitely within two months, so by november, and no I am not offended/annoyed by this question in the least.

"When will the final beta test take place?"
No idea, probably at the end of this august. It will a private one available to my friends who have helped me along the way on here like Talyrion, pizzamarket, and lOG1C.

"Is this a standalone title or the start of a series?"
It all depends on how well this sells, but I have a lot of different possible sequels in mind. Currently my two biggest possible sequels for this one are:
Street Jam: The Conquer You’ve just won it all, you have risen to the top of New Betts city, but this is where your greatest challenges begin. The mafia just arrived in the city, and they have their eyes on the circuit. Normally the circuit is unaffected by the gangs of the city, but now that the king has been dethroned by you they see this as the perfect time to attack, right when the circuit is still reeling from the new arrival. Since the mafia has their eyes on the circuit, the gangs from the ghetto start invading the circuit in order to stop the mafia from gaining too much power, and the police force even starts finally going after the circuit hoping to get the mafia and the ghetto in one fell swoop. The circuits fighters and fans alike all look to you, their new champion, to save them. Whether you fight to defend the underground and keep the people in control, fight for the mafia, the ghetto gang, or the cops to take over the circuit, or even make a bid to try and take over the circuit for no one but yourself, the city will never be the same.
Street Jam: The Empire Your new MC has never stolen so much as a stick of gum in their life, but after getting saved by our last MC/Royal they are brought into the circuit, by means of your choice. You play as both a new protagonist and the old one as your new MC helps our old MC or Royal try and build a real empire out of the underground circuit. Help Royal foil our old MC in their plans to make a new empire out of the circuit or help your old MC when you play as the new one, and simultaneously play as your old MC as they fight against old threats and new in their ambitions.
If this game does well, I will leave it to the community as to what the sequel is.

Progress Month 1: Over thirty days I managed to get the first two clubs finished and the third day up until the club done, so I decided to just summarize it all right here and take out all the day by day updates from the first month. Still going strong, though

Month 2: I was slowed by the development of extra differences between the backgrounds but I still managed to finish the third club

Month 3: Fourth and fifth club done


Poe: D’oh

Jane: Don’t get careless

Number one: Use your best stats

Jenkins: Your weapon will determine your win

Royal: No losing here

Spike: If you don’t have speed, cheat

Danny: Know your wrestling style

Fran: Her description hides her weakness

Lucha: Your endurance will save you, if not, a background will

Sascha: The best defense is a good defense stat followed by an offense stat

Vampirette: Charge or wait, then choose death

Streak: Know your costume

Kennedy: The answer is right in front of your face, it is something both Streak and the vampirette would be weak to. Think.

Naruku: And everyone was kung-fu fighting!

Keiji: Endurance will not help you here

Grandmaster: Balance 10 in every way

Rich tag: Who is more unorthodox?

Leather tag: Who is the toughest person here?

Ghetto tag: Be brave.

Totsu: No one can last alone.

???: Think hard then choose.

Final Boss: You better hope you’ve brought your stats up, buster.


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Sounds really good if there a update at all in future could put the date so we now when you updated it

Look good and i get a ‘Def Jam NY’ vibe from it, which is pretty cool, just need to see where it goes now

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Thanks, I tried hard for that. I’m replaying def jam vendetta so I can try that type of vibe too.

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I don’t think this is my shit wifi: trying to go to the stat page gets me an infinite loading screen and I found this

I haven’t gotten through the full thing just yet (cause im insurmountably dumb and immediately forgot the stat page bug so i had to start over a 3rd time), but I’m interested to see how this goes. I like the tone of the narration right now and those little comments made after choices in the character creation part.

Needs a save as well


Oh so Snoop is the final boss?


It’s interesting so far, rare to see this kind of story, will looking forward for more :slightly_smiling_face:

Error and suggestion:

Error when choose to agree with Jane then leave:

foo line 2176: It is illegal to fall out of a *choice statement; you must *goto or *finish before the end of the indented block.


  • While I enjoy the game, reading it a bit difficult since there almost no break between paragraph.
  • Seconding Harley_Robing_Evans suggestion, since there quite many path, it would be neat if there save.
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Fixed, thanks for pointing it out

@Dark_Stalker No spoilers, but I don’t know how his legal team would react to that

@Harley_Robin_Evans Tried it, broke the game. Do you know how to do it?

@Vattena How do you break between paragraphs?

Also that is just where the game ends right now, that’s why there is an error

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Yeesh studying and paying attention in class isn’t enough to graduate :confused: The requirement seems a little high to me. It’s at 25 right?

yeah it is 25 intellect

Gotta say I was hoping if I clicked the stand still option enough she’d come over.

  • The crowd cheers loudly for you, completely surprised at your tactic and how incredibly efficient it was. You have beaten Jane at her own game, and they love it!
    The owner runs up, raises your arm up high in the air, and yells “What a crazy twist! Looks like the newcomers kung-fu was definitely greater than Janes! I cannot wait to see what happens in our final round.”

    • Jane’s
  • When the cheers are done, the cowboy leads you out the crowd and through a cracked white door in the back. You end up in a small dressing room with three lockers and not much else other than some cheap-looking chairs in front of a few mirrors. The only other people in the room are Paper Poe and Jane, sitted next to each other and looking at you.

    • sat
  • Only a true fighter would’ve bet that much. Yer gonna go far, i know it. And this’ll help you on yer way."

    • cap I
  • It’s carson, and I’m really glad ya came here today partner.

    • Cap Carson
  • They both turn to you, Jane looking as if she dares you to say Poe, and Poe looking as if he’d do anything if you’d say Poe.

    • Kind confusing, if I’m interpreting this right Poe looks as though he’d do us a favor? I feel like the second Poe should be something else like “his name”

foo line 2176: It is illegal to fall out of a *choice statement; you must *goto or *finish before the end of the indented block.

All fixed but the last one is because that’s where the game ends


Just simply break it:

Text 1

Text 2

Alternatively, you could add double *line_break:

Text 1
Text 2

It was fun to play street jam hope we get full game

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I liked it seems like it could be a lot fun though I kind of felt like I was watching my character rather then becoming my character if that makes sense and maybe it’s just me.

I don’t understand…

You see, I am quite new to writing in more third person than first-person, all my stories are always littered with my characters personality in the way it is told.

However, with this, I must narrate it rather than go first person in order to not steamroll a personality onto you, and let you project your own.

Can you explain how I can make you feel more like you are them?


Ugh sorry I honestly can’t think of anything am not a writer that was just my initial thought maybe it’s just a writing style I have to get used to.