Street Jam: The Rise (Finished and submitted)



I play at work while I wait for large files to save/ render and don’t research before posting. Should I not bother with bugs in the future?


Nope but typos will help and may get you into the beta


Who’s the girl at the bottom of the concept art?


Just an extra doodle my artist friend drew.

Not sure why…


Are there any beta spots left? This story’s demo looked pretty good.


It says on the top post I’ll give beta spots to people who have given good feedback.


During the Lucha romance scene, some kind of error popped up. I probably should have screenshotted it but it’s too late now. What I do recall is something ‘Bloodline error’ and some numbers that followed shortly afterwards.

If it at all helps, I chose the stripper path, I listed my character as male and Lucha referred to my character as female, and lost all three matches previous to that encounter.




and it**’**s homes are works of art.
No apostrophe

he was bathing in your old home[’]s bathroom
Possessive bathroom

Whether you used the families family’s master key or he forgot
Possessive singular family.

so you catch it before hurry over to him and launch your foot in his face.

“appears a bit tall and bony”
“letting you admire her petite body the entire time”
Tall and boney or petite?

I lost to both Jane and the third guy, then lied and said I bet nothing, but Carson said “I bet you wish you had”, even though I lost.

Does Number One even have a name? Seems like Carson should announce it. Anyways, he suggested some after-match ‘sparring’, but nope. :frowning:

Poe Route:


Afterwards, you find a new message on your phone.
line_break "Hello there Brett,

You’re eyes linfer on all the pale skin he’s displaying
Your / linger

takes the lead and surprises you once agaiin when he shows

the way you can.
the way you came?

to your number one fans and he gazes
Single fan

I chose Royal to be male, but I got one female option:
You were always smarter than she was

into the principals office
principal’s possessive

we have everyones favorite old man
everyone’s possessive

He keeps it in their? Really?

slam them into someones face.
someone’s possessive

Will do some more, later.


@NoobLube I know, unfortunately no end chapter bugs are getting fixed

@obieblu thanks I really appreciate it. And Number One’s name is revealed during the police route


Ah, I saw it. Got’cha. Playing as a Detective for the first time.

I notice some bouncing between present and past tense. Is this an issue you care about?



“Okay, so why did you decide to join the underground circuit?”
A cop has to. Maybe remove this question for cops or add another option?

I wondered where the wire went.
Maybe my partner could help me ‘hide’ it…

You will have to convince him to not report about the mans lie too if you choose not to say it.

Royals kick-centric style will leave him open to a move that injures the legs.

Royal attempts to exploit it’s weakness,

and whem it is time you run out and listen

Mostly people know one will miss the next time

He has managed to get lay just out of reach for a long time
Not sure what this should be.

More brainpower
Less energy
Maybe "Less tired’?

While I’m having ice cream with Poe, I get this when I say I like Biz Markus
Blood line 2160: bad label askjpoe
I know I know I know chapter end, you know. But Google doesn’t know who Biz Markus is. And I don’t have malaria.


It is. Biz Markus is a parody of Biz Markie since I can’t use his actual name. And just see the end result of saying you have Malaria.


Oh, you’re added to the beta btwbizmarkie-620x412


The link has a problem.


Yeah, now that Street Jam has all its bugs fixed and it’s suggestions added I’ve changed the link to a teaser of a different game. Street Jam is gone.


Be Mortal sounds pretty creative.


Hey can I join the beta? Would love to see more.


You are not worthy!

No but seriously, the top post clearly says the requirements for beta testing.


So, I guess this will be submitted to HG as soon as the Beta test is done. When do you think it will be published?


I have no idea, I’m not associated with them so I don’t know. Why the inquiry?


Cause it’s in my “definitely have to buy” list
Also I’m bored from reading Slammed! so many times, and IMO this is much better than Slammed!.