Street Jam: The Rise (Finished and submitted)



I got this. Blood line 1992:non-existent variable ‘military’


Sorry but I already switched up the file to the full version, it will have to stay that way. Don’t worry, I’ll add you to the private final build tomorrow.


Oh thank you :smile:


You fall off the face of the Earth for one goshdarn week and all your favorite WIPs go to the beta stage smh


hey is the beta still open?


Open to those I deem worthy yes lol


ohh ok lol


Yeah, it says on the top post only those who have helped me along the way are in it, so if anyone else wants to be in it I’ll need to see typos and suggestions.


startup line 7050: Non-existent variable ‘drunk’


The new update just made my day!


I found a bug when i click on the link but yesterday there isn’t à problem


Yeah I got the same error when I tried to start the game


My beta testers found that, seems I forgot to update the second link.

@BigSmoke Great!


i would like to be a beta tester, pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase.



This happened when I pressed the link to try to play the Demo.


Sorry I haven’t really been paying much attention to the demo now that we’re in beta.


I finally got to get through the weirdo club!

Then, Spike canceled on me, so I was having a sweet emo date with Poe, and I go this:

But, awesome:

The save isn’t working, too.

But, I enjoyed getting to play more. I sucked at the dojo but then beat the dragon. Interesting.


I know, I told someone else that chapters bugs can’t get fixed since I already switched my file to go to the next and final chapter so it’ll have to stay that way.

Same with the save, choice of games doesn’t accept games that have the save option so it is gone.


Street Jam concept art incoming