Street Jam: The Rise (Finished and submitted)



They still are not working


Then the only option is to remove the choices. There will only be two choices for this fight then.


Well, seems like the current end of the demo leaves the MC in a bit of a tight spot, eh? Curse my constant refusal to cheat in those fights!


I found another bug Blood line 719 : Non-existent variable “Basketballeball”




One more here:

Again, occurs with all three previous options.


I have to point out that the endurance check for the last fight is flat out impossible to pass even if you go all in, due to how stat increase work. Meaning that if you didn’t romance the right characters (or aren’t from a military background), you’re screwed.

… well, or you could cheat, but where’s the fun in that?

(but in general, not sure how I feel about essentially making romance mandatory. If it was just for a win, that’d be one thing, but since this time it’s in order to get out of this alive…)


I’m already planning to add characters beaten from previous fights as choices to appear there.

Edit: I just double checked and you can have 90 endurance at that point in the game.


I got this. Blood line 2944:bad label luchapost


Fixed in a flash


Mmm, let’s test that.

Discharged military because of bullet injury: +15%=15%
Got into a few scraps: +10%=23%
Joined the football team: +10%=30%
Starts a gang that breaks due to infighting: +10%=37%
Kept tackling: +10%=43%
Being fat: +10%=48%
successful endurance training: +10%=53%
buy power rack: +5%=55%
test your limits (successful jedi test): +10%=59%
get some hard weights: +5%=61%
improve your defenses/sascha endurance tips: +10%=64%
more endurance pixel bar: +5%=65%
wear defensive gear: +5%=66%
learn how to endure headaches: +10%=69%
eat raw food: +5%=70%
search endurance tips: +10%=73%
take offer to get insulted: +5%=74%

And I’m pretty sure that’s it. Even if I somehow forgot one or even two opportunities, we’re still pretty far from reaching 90% - and of course, the rest of our stats are atrocious (apart from halfway decent strength).


uh… where are you getting these 3s and such from? Every stat boost is 5 or 10. You are reducing the gain by using less numbers. Like here

Got into a few scraps: +10%=23%
Joined the football team: +10%=30%
Starts a gang that breaks due to infighting: +10%=37%

You have reduced the gain, making it end in 37 rather than forty-five. The gain slowly goes down with every stat boost, making it less than it should be. The calculation should be:

15% + 10% = 25% + 10% = 35% + 10% = 45%

Get it?


Yes I do, because that’s how incremental stat increase work. It’s not a flat increase. Just try it out, you’ll see.

Basically, the higher the stat, the less you gain with a similar percentage (once you’re in the 70+, even 10% increases barely do anything)


Okay, how odd.


It’s not that odd, though I’m not entirely sure what the exact formula is using. But % increase suffer very much from diminishing returns - it’s far easier to raise when at low levels, but much harder when you reach high numbers.


So what do I do?


Stamina seems to be less represented than endurance yet I have it at 71 before the match with the grandmaster oddly


Well, the easiest way would be to simply account for that and lower some of the difficulty checks. Alternatively, stat boosts can begin to be higher - say training boosts from chapter2 onward begin to be around 15% or 20% to at least push some stats in the 80+ (plus, 5% boosts begin to not do anything once you reach a certain level)

I know it’s also theorically possible to give flat increases. Just by removing the %? I don’t know, might want to ask someone better at coding than I. You might want to test that in safe environment first.


I’m not sure it’s less represented. Plus, freelance journalist gives you 20% straight away, which is better than the 15% start endurance can hope for. A few stats can be pushed higher than endurance (speed, intelligence and charisma have a few 15% opportunities if I remember correctly)

EDIT: also, one club’s reward gives you stamina, while no club reward gives endurance so far.


I’ll experiment.