Street Jam: The Rise (Finished and submitted)



Well, Betts sounded so Irish to me lo
I see now why Hispanic and black fighters are the hardest in your game/or bosses/ at least as far I’ve got to…

About Franny… why don’t you just drop the ‘r’ ;D Or it’s a hint she’s a tranny? Hopefully this time I can reach the point to check out lol


@tevin I think it should be a list sort of like the vehicle’s you can choose.You could even make it to where the type of house you live in affects your skills.Like if you live in a mansion it will add to your charisma etc.


Sadly we are too late in development for that. The best I can think of is making one available for purchase.


hey so I found this bug

The_Start 10144: Non-Existence command finishh


Fixed, hope you like Lucha’s update


Hey, new reader here. I enjoyed playing this game. I got some kof and street fighter vibes, which I love.

I got this error when answering the vampire girl question though


I need to know what your choice right before that one was.


Well, I choose the futuristic military outfit, then stay put and answer black. I found that the problem is when I choose this outfit because when I choose other one everything goes fine.


Got it, it was a variable discrepancy of defensive rather than defense. It should work now.


Problem solved indeed. But the game finishes at chapter 3 or there’s more? Because I can’t load past that and it always keeps loading and nothing of the rest of the game.


Nope, I’m clueless as to what to do


You cant make any choices when fighting the sumo.dont know if it is supposed to end there or not.


Found an error in the latest chapter during the fight with the dojo’s second combatant:

It occurs with any of these three choices.


Fixed right up


None of the romances work


Are you sure? Because they all worked for me.

Oh, it seems Sascha’s didn’t work. I don’t know why you said they all didn’t, please be specific about which one instead of saying them all so I don’t have to spend twenty minutes going through them lol



Vampirettes is the only one working for me…Your right I should have specified.Sorry :sweat_smile:



Those first two should work, the best I can do is change up the stat checks. Do they work now?