Steampunk City Poll


I’ve been toying with the idea of a game that’s set in a Steampunk style world, but I’m stuck coming up with a name for the city where the game is set. I’ve come up with a few suggestions for city names. Pleas vote on which one you think sounds best. :blush:

  • Steam City
  • Steam Haven
  • Russet City
  • Brass Haven
  • Brass Hope
  • Fate Russet

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Steampunk City Name

Just curious, tho.
Is this city is a “pipe-filled and smokes everywhere” kind, or more spacey like medieval-steam city, the one on Dishonored? (I know it’s whale-oil punk, but you get the gist)

I’d like to know the brief situation and environment of the city before declaring the name for it
:kissing_smiling_eyes: :loud_sound:


Well if it is indeed a city with “pipe-filled and smokes everywhere” I recommend “Russet City” like saying this city is covered with rust :grin: (in my opinion)


I vote Russet City, simply because it rolls off the tongue well and sounds like an actual city name to me.


I’m thinking more “pipe-filled, smokes everywhere” kind, with a Victiarian/Wild West sort of feel. Basically what I have in mind is a world where magic is slowly dying and science/technology are just getting on their feet. :blush:


Brass Haven sounded the most beautiful and naturally city-like to me, but have voted for Steam Haven, as I think it would be automatically recognisable to steampunk fans (assuming you named the story after the city).

Oddly I think Russet City isn’t so visual as something like Rusted City. The soft ‘t’ on Russet doesn’t sound industrial to my ear, while the sound of Rusted City strikes a slightly discordant note that fits more with my own interpretation of steampunk machinery


if I had to move to one of these places based on the name alone brass haven sounds like the nicest place to be.


My issue with the Russet options is it makes me want potatoes. I like the “Brass” options best, personally.


And exactly why is this a problem? :stuck_out_tongue:

More seriously, I leaned towards Fate Russet or Russet City. The others seem a bit too obvious, somehow.


I mean, would I want to live in Potato City? Or Fate Potato?

Honestly, probably not, haha.


Name of a steampunk city…?

The Pipeworks


My vote goes to steam haven. Sounds right for a retro city, now some 80s synth ? Anyone?


I chose Brass Haven because it sounds like a utopian paradise, but would probably be a dystopian hell.

But Russet City sounds nice, too. Like an antithesis of Emerald City. Rolls off the tongue like butter, too.


Will the city name be the title of your gamebook? If so, going for something “on the nose” like Brass Haven might be a smart move for your branding. However, I think something like Russett City sounds more “realistic” and might be a good choice if you already have a Steampunky title for your story.


I chose Brass Hope. It sounds like someone is saying ‘brash hope’ due to the similar sounding words and makes it seem like someone is in turn referring to the city as a place where those with ‘strong hope’ gather.


My thoughts exactly.


No, I wasn’t planning on naming the game after the City. :blush:


That’s actually exactly what I’m going for. :blush: