Steampunk City Name

Trying to come up with a unique city name for a game set in a steampunk/gothic-esque world. It is a large city known for being a central trading hub and housing a diverse population. I want it to have a unique name so not something simple like King’s Port, or Highwall, etc. Here are some I’ve come up with:

  • Rheinwal
  • Deltev
  • Vanguard
  • Grankirk
  • Ravenport
  • Vanwal
  • Eldergate
  • Vanderport
  • Blackgate

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Feel free to offer your own suggestion, the more ideas the merrier.

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Just on a note… I hope you are aware that ‘Rheinwal’ is literally german for ‘whale what lives in the river rhine’? Which… is a thing that happened.


Thanks for the note, I think River Whale is a fun name.






I think it would help to know what the city’s history and defining features are. Cities outside of the US (where a lot of settlers simply reused the names of their European hometowns) are often named for geographical features, historical events or real or imagined patrons.

Rheinwal was already covered, Grankirk literally means ‘grand church’, Vanderport ‘of the port’ AFAIK. The others are self-explanatory or nonsensical to me (Deltev, Vanwal). In order to pick one I’d have to know which fits moreso than which sounds coolest.

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To celebrate our tireless effort of months of voyage, lost and left alone at sea, I shall name this new land with my own.

Szaaland! :world_map: :triangular_flag_on_post:

*the crews cheer up


If you look closely, my suggestions are actually very ideal, if you know what I mean

Wow I just made those up, looks like my subconscious knows German.

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Just for those interested:

Oh wow. I made a post for this exact topic a few months ago. Ended up going with “Brass Haven” and “Fort Russet” for my city names, but here’s the link if you wanted to take a look at some of the other suggestions. (Personally like Ravenport the best) :yum: