Need Castle Names

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I need some immersive names for a castle that would’ve existed within the Holy Roman Empire a thousand years ago. Any ideas?


I suggest to check in maps or historical writings the ones that can be visited today. Then perhaps derive from their names a new name for a fictional castle. Could also go with similar sounding ones.


Here’s a list of castles on the Wikipedia. Nuremberg Castle seems to have been important. Making alike-sounding names sounds like a good idea.


Hey there, if you are still looking for names you should check out this site: it’s a name generator.
Fantasy names generator.


I’ve found this Procedural Name Generator rather useful. You can add source words from a list or use one of the provided lists (includes German towns conveniently enough). It generates new names from combinations of bits from the words provided.

From my experience the “German Towns” option works well enough for inspiration at least. They come out with correct-looking toponyms (also this) (well, in a non-speaker’s opinion), which is something that can be overlooked at times.

Finally, there’s also this Old High German-English dictionary which might be useful for inspiration or constructing names manually.

Edit: Taking a glance at historical place names shouldn’t be underrated, especially depending upon location. The HRE was big, after all, and place name components that show up in Brandenburg might not show up in the Palatinate.


Afaik, castle is not the expertise of Rome, be it the city-state, republic, nor the empire. They’re more on temples, aqueducts and probably market or toilets. Look further north for more suitable reference (european, germanic).


The Holy Roman Empire (HRE) is a purely medieval state that survived from the 10th century to the 19th… think of Charlemagne, Roland … think of Austrian Archdukes and Saxon princes … :crown:


Palace of Aachen seems like a pretty cool name if you wanted one specific name as a suggestion

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Or just find some translator and go creative from there.

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Hello, to help you find an original name, you can go on SpinOx! It’s a name generator, uses artificial intelligence and tells you if the nickname is available on the video game you want. More details on:

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If you can describe the area you want the castle to reside in I can help. I’m the (unfortunate) dm for a group of friends so I’m always having to come up with names on the fly for stuff. If you want I can even help with the design since I have spent waaay to much time looking at castles for my games.

hi i need a name can i get a tip



The Castle Names are based on the family old name or the royal name just like we use the username in videogames so I found some cool Castle Names given below.

Mortling Citadel
Cambolton Keep
Windsor Stronghold
Berdwardshire Castle
Carlisle Castle
Burneside Hold
Yeanworth Palace
Windshire Hold
Darenby Fortress
Haeresceugh Hold
Tarlington Fortress
Gandum Hold
Darbey Stronghold
Carneath Citadel
Harle Fortress
Uwile Fort
Wolveshire Citadel
Avolire Hold
Calford Castle
Brackhill Hold

My new suggestion is Evets Castle. Not sure where I came up with that.


Sorry to bump this thread but that one was perfect :joy::joy::joy:

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