Salty Seadogs, Sea Senates, and Sky Krakens?

I really need to stop getting ideas without even touching my previous ones. It’s a nasty not really fair habit. But I’m sure I’ll mash words and code together to create a coherent choice filled story one day!

As for the topic I wanna see what people think of this idea I randomly had during a random conversation about putting wings onto random things.

Basically it’s pirates but on a global fantastic scale. By which I mean on a planet entirely submerged in water civilization lives in massive domed cities below the waves or massive ships the size of small countries at the smallest. These cities are controlled by one of the 8 Senates depending on which Sea they lay in. The city ships are of course commanded by Pirates.

Now that’s just the setting. In the game I’m thinking that you would be a criminal banished from your done for one reason or another and sentenced to live on the surface with nothing but a net and a small hole filled dingy. Of course without a designated “Surface Permit” this makes you a pirate in the eyes of the senate. Can you surrivive the turmoil of the 8 Seas? Or will you find yourself drowning beneath the waves or worse devoured by the most terrifying of creatures? The Sky Kraken

Thoughts? What do you all think of the idea? I’ve only told one other person and they called it a tad crazy. What do you all think of the idea? Would there be any interest in something like this? There seems to be almost as many ocean or pirate games here as there are superhero ones!


This sounds a little like Gargantia TBH, it’s a good idea though and I thinking that you should try and reconsider the options of the river dingy :sweat_smile:, I mean it’s just my personal opinion here but I think there should be an option of a pirate/rogue on a city, on a river dingy with a net or perhaps a small pirate ship with fellow outcasts. Anyways this is just my personal opinion, it’s a good idea so far.

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Also sounds like that old movie called: Waterworld.


I have literally never heard of either of those. Maybe I should start seeing more water based media haha

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Sounds interesting will there be romance and character customise sation

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