Looking for information on Ships and the sea!


I’m not entirely certain how to categorise this,so I guess I’ll put it under general. I’m desperately looking for anyone who knows anything about ships and their layout for a game I’m busy developing (Demo already posted in the WIP section under the name Black Flag: Lies Unhidden). It’s a pirate themed adventure, so my need is primarily for information in that vein, though any nautical knowledge is welcome.



I had cause to research the topic quite extensively a while back. Unfortunately, lack of time prevents me becoming directly involved but I do wish you the best of luck with your project, together with one link I found exceptionally useful: http://www.thepirateking.com/


Thanks a lot! After giving it a brief look through, it seems to perfectly suit my needs. Really appreciate it.


I know a great deal on ships and pirates. I could help if you want.


Definitely! Do you mind if I inbox you?


Inbox? If you mean make a private chat then sure.


I spend several months a year at sea. I could help.


Basically what I’m looking for is information on the various roles and duties one has on a ship, the layout, design and the types of things you’ll find on board (I know there are all sorts of different models, so I suppose you’ll have to generalize). I’d also be interested to hear about the lived experience of being on board, I’ve never sailed myself and so my insight is very limited. I suppose that’s not really all that basic is it?..


No problem! PM me if you have any questions.