Black Flag: Lies Unhidden (WIP) - Demo Added

A sprawling, high seas, pirate-themed adventure. Probably too ambitious to see out the way I hope…but we’ll see what will be.

Also, could anyone with a strong understanding of Choicescript please inbox me? I have many questions about how to implement certain functions that are beyond my ability, specifically regarding a save system and the stats screen. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I should probably include a disclaimer, the game does include fairly strong language and deals with mature themes, nothing gratuitous however. It’s aimed at a mature audience.

Demo link:

Anyway, more words coming soon.


Sorry I probably need to input this or your post will be flagged:

He is not asking for a coder to code for his game, he is coding and writing his game. He is merely asking questions on how to code certain things, which, isn’t aganist the rules.


Yes! Thanks for mentioning that, I’m definitely not looking for someone to do all the coding work for me, just a few pointers on how to go about doing certain things. A lot of the more complex functions go completely over my head.

Hey, this looks promising! Can’t wait to see more of this. You got any plot teasers for us? :wink:

That said, I love your username! I had heaps of fun playing L4D2 - especially Versus. Bless Versus.

Like the demo so far but at the beginning you get a stat decrease for choosing to be hurt in the head or jaw or leg .But if you choose to be hurt in the ribs your stat increases instead of decreasing.Is that intentional?

It is, yes. The injury you have affects you in different ways, one of them is the only path that leads you make a certain choice while the others affect your internal monologue, while one makes thinking initially difficult so you aren’t given as much information. With the ribs the idea is your will increases because you were able to endure the beating for longer, but you take a bigger health decrease than the others. I think I forgot to implement the health part though, but I’m already working on it. There’s some parts I want to go back and change. But I’ll be updating it hopefully soon with that sorted out and a whole lot more added.

I wanted the demo to be much further along before I posted anything on the forums, but I was procrastinating so much, I decided let me post what I have and use the reactions to force me to work on this.

Thanks for your feedback!

Haha, thank you! I’m not going to give out plot points right now, because honestly I’m still figuring parts of it out so a lot might be subject to change. But I’m going to be working on posting a big update to this hopefully soon and after that I’ll be glad to go into my ideas for the plot a whole lot more.

I’m glad you like my nick! It pretty much describes my life

I’ve never used the saved game feature myself so I can’t help there. If you’re still stuck with the save system I’d suggest looking through the various saved game threads. There’s a couple of saved game systems out there. I think there was one bumped fairly recently that might be able to help. ChoiceScript Saving Plugin (Update: Sept. 2019)

If you’ve specific questions about the stats screen feel free to ask and I’m sure people will help out.

@Left4Bed I love this game so far. I felt your writing style was impressive and clear to understand. I was really immersed in this game even though it was for a short period amount of time and I can’t wait to see how this game develops. Good luck :slight_smile:

Thanks for your suggestion! I’ve looked through a couple of those threads, but aside from one I haven’t been able to make much sense of them. Admittedly,I haven’t given it all that much thought as I’ve been focusing mainly on getting out as much playable content as I can.

Thank you for that! I’m trying really hard to get a certain feel and create an immersive world. Aside from length, was there anything in particular you didn’t like or wish was there?

You had me at pirate-themed :smiley:
Really like your writing and the story had me captivated, and loved the guy who wakes you from your slumber, found him to be… real (only word that pops in my head atm). Only one minor thing that got me (and easily remedied) was when I choose what got me in that situation - mugging. Then I was assaulted with a wall of text, which had my eyes glaze over instantly… A simple page_break mid way down will fix that.
Look forward to more :slight_smile:

@Left4Bed I have to say there aren’t too many things wrong with what you’ve got so far apart from one or two minor details.

four instance, when I chose the option to be involved in a burglary, you go on to mention a “Warren and his Ravens.” Other than their name, we are not informed as to who they are and what they do. Same goes for when you are talking about “the Crooked Man or Raman.” I think adding a little background information will be beneficial as it will give a little more clarity as to our MC’s background and therefore further enhance the game.

I have also found some spelling/gramma mistakes: when i choose to be involved in the Royal exile con, you have written this:
“You’d only done this a few times and never on your own, so you knew going in that you knew the high risk going in. Factor in the fact that you were fairly certain your mark was under Raven protection and you had a recipe that seemed to beg diasaster.”
Should be:
“You’d only done this a few times and never on your own, so you knew the high risk of going in. Factor in the fact that you were fairly certain your mark was under Raven protection, you had a recipe that seemed to beg for disaster.”

When i choose to be involved in a mugging, you have written:
“You look up and your eyes find the candle in the centre of room.”
Should be:
“centre of the room.”

Other than that though, I can’t wait for the next update.

I plan on having a codex implemented in the stats screen that updates as you’re given new and relevant information about the world. I already have the bare bones of it sort of fleshed out, if you look in the stats menu its already there and there’s a part where in gets updated (after you injure your ribs and chuckle), but there’s no actual text in there, just me trying to get proof of concept.

Anyway, I plan on getting that fleshed out in the next update which I’ll try to have a week from now.

In terms of spelling or grammar mistakes, please let me know if you come across anymore. I read and re-read sections so many times as I edit and tweak that I think my eyes are starting to glaze over!

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Haha, thanks!That’s honestly the biggest compliment you could have given me. I’m trying to make all the characters feel as real as I can. I want them to have their own motivations, independent of your protagonist and have the world and the type of relationships you have react to your choices. But I suppose that’s far easier said than done…

Regarding the dreaded text wall, I’ll get that sorted! It’s a pet peeve of mine as well when playing IF.

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I like you style of writing, pretty damn good and just as engaging. I’m looking forward to more.

Your ribs injury gives + to will instead of -

Interesting. So far so good in definetly interested. I need to see more

There’s definitely some great writing going into this but I have to say I dislike that I don’t know what choices will affect what stats. So far I’m restarting every time I get a stat I don’t like so I can shape my character the way I want and figure out what choice will affect what stats if I want to make a different character in the future. I would really appreciate it if you could put in parenthesis the stats that are affected by your choices.

That’s on purpose. He just forgot to add the health down in there.