Badge-2122 || Sci-Fi || Help shape this game! (WIP)


Hello Choice of Gamers!

I am new and have recently been playing around with Choice Script and decided that I would like to try making a game of my very own. As a result of me playing around with the script I can now do the basics: Stat screen, choices, fake choices (ugh) and I do have an idea I want to do.
The story takes place in the most populous urban agglomeration in The World, Anno 2097. (Yes, this is Sci-Fi) You start a normal metropolitan, but as the story continues you will enter the police academy and become a beat cop, working for a merciless and cruel government. If you want to uphold the law, use your powers for personal gain or break the law when it is the right thing to do, is up to you. All choices will have pros and cons however so you won’t feel forced to take a certain path.

Through your time is a beat cop you will eventually become a detective and uncover a plot, which this game revolves around. Of course the story needs to be great, but I am going to focus on immersion and really take in the universe, cybernetic gangs, illegal fighting, clubs – a lot of things you can experience throughout the city.
You will be able to play as both male and female with same-sex romance choices, I have not yet decided how explicit the sex scenes are going to be, and hopefully you can help me decide on that. What I really want from you guys are ideas, names – cool scenes you’d like etc!
For example, what should the police be called? Enforcers, Peace Keepers, Coppers, Brassies?

Other than the police, I need names for:

Government (a corporation maybe?)
Pieces of Technology, I want to have a unit much like a pit boy and every citizen should have a chip in their right wrist, used for almost everything.

I also need help for the stats, I know how to make them, just not what stats would be best. Right now I am thinking about something like:

Duty vs Freedom
Justice vs Corruption
A short description of your character, using the values from the two stats above
Reputation (This can either be good or bad reputation)
A short description explaining what his reputation is among his peers, the government, the gangs and the metropolitan


I will start work tomorrow, just wanted to write this up before I go to bed, the title is just a placeholder, unless you like it of course.



Currency: The Cordon.
Country: Cordelos.
City: Barathia.
Government: A few would work for this setting maybe a communist oligarchy or a benevolent totalitarian dictatorship or a corrupt democracy where you buy votes.
Drugs: Elethium.


You should include robots, doppelgängers, and aliens as well.
Currency - Magnellias
Country - Daiada
City - Quÿ
Government - Grastha Regeme
Drug - I have no idea…
Tech - holographic or virtual assistant (sort of like cortana from Halo)
Police - I like the Brassies… Also polecats


I like the country name and obviously the currency aswell considering they go hand in hand. I absolutely love the drug name, there’s obviously going to be more than one drug, so keep the names comming.

I have already decided I am going to go with the cruel and merciless government.

The city name sounds more like a medieval fantasy country than anything else, not really digging it.

I am not sure if I am going to go with the virtual assistant and aliens, I’ll ponder on that some more. I will however have robots and I like the idea of doppelgängers.

I do like the city name however, definatly on the top of the list!

Thanks for the feedback guys! I couldn’t fall asleep, so I have already started writing the introduction to our character!


Hmmm I don’t really have a idea for everything but I have a coty name in mind.
Port Solar


Port district 3R


Alerium Shardan Corarius are some more name for drugs and if you’d like I could list there uses. For city names maybe Krayus anything but Quy.


Knock yourself out, just keep it interesting! :slight_smile:
I am still leaning more towards Quÿ, it might be a little too short however.

  • I can’t stay awake any longer, so good night and thanks!




If the government is cruel why not name the city utopia


Huh utopia that’s ironic
You should make it so that rich people can basically do what they want make it nice and corrupt
I wanna play a game that’s nice and gritty


Like Elysium?




@Natsu_Dragneel @darkstar2101
Names like Utopia and Dystopia are too used in my opinion…


Never saw Elysium so no spoilers got that!!


Elysium is amazing! Matt damon what a tank


He should be galen marek if there’s ever a force unleashed movie.


There’s going to be a forced unleashed movie???
If you can work in light sabers in this game I would be ove the damn moon.
Forced un leashed two in my opinion was weak compared to its predecessor


I enjoyed it but it was a dumb move to write in capturing Vader how will they explain that especially because I think Luke is supposed to be coming into the Rebellion soon or maybe already is. Also it’s always been hard to portray Star Wars movies due to the superhuman abilities of force users. Heck people like Luke and Palpatine move at relativistic speeds near the speed of light how do you put that in a movie?



I might write in something similar to lightsabers, but not a carbon copy of course.