Steampunk Apocalypse Game


I have an idea for a unique Steampunk Apocalypse Game set in an alternate world much different from our own. The world will be called Albion. Albion is slightly more advanced, and slightly less advanced than ours is.

Albion launched into there Industrial Revolution some 200 years ago, however in their ambition to improve technology they tried something very dangerous. They tried to create a new power source. They created a new power source called Banenite (often called Bane for short) At first Bane was an excellent power source, machines were faster, and more efficient. And it was long lasting, it took months before a Bane Pack became depleted. However, what Albion didn’t expect was the danger involved with Using it. Bane was a highly volatile power source, and if it came into direct contact with humans. The effects were catastrophic. Humans first learned in the 1st factory explosion of 507 that was caused by keeping a oversupply of Bane in such a cramped environment. The Banenite exploded spontaneously, and covered all the workers. Most of the workers died from the explosion, but the ones that lived became something else. Something not human, the Bane mutated them into different beings. The changes were different for each of them. Some were mostly unaffected, and had just been disfigured from the mutation. They would have a noticeably abnormal feature about them. Perhaps a curved nose, that resembled a birds beak. Or enlarged eyes and pupils that resembled that of an owl. These transformations were only slight compared to others, and mostly harmless.

However most we’re not so fortunate. Others went upon more drastic transformations. Their entire body morphed, and gained animalistic traits. It is more accurately to describe them as half human, and half animal after what they went through. Some became half bat, and some half crocodile, some even half dog. The ranges were endless. And whatever animal they were transformed into, they likewise gained the habits, an abilities of them as well. This type of transformation became known as a Stage two transformation.

The final mutation seen, was by far the worst mutation there was. This was the Stage three mutation. Victims were mutated into horrible monsters. They grew twice in size, and became very violent. They skin changed, they she’d all hair on their body, and their muscles were enlarged to bulky masses. They fingers were lengthened and they grew sharp claws. Also there facial features changed the most. The no longer had eyes anymore, were they eyes had been now there was two long slits across their face. From their habits, it seemed that these slits doubled as both eyes, and a nose. And their jaw became detachable, to open their mouth wider, revealing a large multiple rows of fangs that descend down their throat in a spiral pattern. These horrible grotesque creatures became known as Null.

This is what started the Apocalypse, this new threat and terror of These Null creatures appearing all across Albion. Now the people struggled everyday, they built walls to keep the Null out, but that also meant it kept them separated from others. And from food sources as well. Also, Albion has been forced to rely on the Bane again, as it seems that the only thing that can kill the Null is the Bane itself. The very thing that destroyed their lives, is also the thing that they must use to rebuild it. Major cities appeared in Albion, they became known as Sanctuaries. These Sanctuaries were home to all, except the Null. This is the world now. This is your world now. How will you survive, or how will you thrive.


sounds like an interesting idea


This is all the planning I have done so far. Now I want your input, in shaping the plot of the game, the ultimate goal or objective etc. Any ideas will be appreciated.

Ideas for stats are welcome a well. Despite the usual like health and money etc. I plan to use a opposing variable that is puts either as a Inventor, which means you embrace machinery, and are proficient in its use and creation, or a Naturalist, meaning abhor machinery and prefer the god old fashioned ways of getting things done. Although these might not be opposing variables as well. As I would like to go more in depth with them as regards to other stats.

Like I said I want your input on the plot for this world, and any other suggestions you might have for the story.


Sounds like a cool idea. I love Steampunk and the After-the-End setting. As for goals, maybe finding a cure?


Sounds like an interesting idea definitely something I would like to play


@Shawnheatherly Yeah I thought the finding a cure would be a good idea, but I don’t if I want this game to be a series yet, or just a one game. If it’s just one far then the virus could be the climax, but if not then I’m not too sure.


Okay so I have some ironed out details about the game, let me know what you guys think, and if y’all any ideas or things you would like to see in the game. The plot will be about finding a new home in this apocalyptic world. Away from danger, and away from the corrupted civilization you have come to know. A place to make a fresh start. But can u survive long enough to find it.


Sounds like a good plan …
you could make the theme on something on the lines of this
Our MC is in one of these walls which is overrunned by some bandits.
We However, have never left the walls before and are amongst one of the few survivors and now must travel around to find a new settlement/food source or even search out for Answers and a possible cure


Hello there. Sounds like an interesting world to me. I just wanted to make a minor suggestion regarding the name of the world. ‘Albion’ happens to be the name of the world in the popular RPG series Fable, which also happens to include choices and is relatively steampunk in my opinion. Yours is completely different of course, especially it being apocalyptic and all, but I just thought I’d put the point out there. I’m not sure if it matters too much. I just saw ‘albion’ and ‘steampunk’ while reading through and it reminded me of it.

I like your idea on the plot. If you went that route, you could definitely take it into a series, the first one being surviving long enough to find the happy bubble where you won’t get eaten by detachable jawed Nulls if you stepped outside the Sanctuary confines, the second being the new safe area/society you created/joined is threatened, and you must protect them, and for a possible third, a cure for the virus. However, 'twould be best to start smaller, with just the first portion. For me, I like to start in a little box then push against the walls so it becomes a really stretchy bigger box possibly with holes in it.

Next step would be a loose outline, I’d say. Just based on what you have, I don’t have any ideas for stats or anything though, but as you outline what you want to happen, ideas will surely come up.


sounds like a great game but do you have a job inside the sanctuarys?