Steam, Editing files and finding saves?

I have spent a while Googling and looking for info on how to (cheat) edit files found out a bit, how ever i am a steam user

current game i am trying to edit is The Lost Heir1, but i am guessing it’s the same with most of the games

Problems i have, the files to edit are inside the .exe while i can look inside even pullout all the files and play the game as a stand alone i can not edit and save the files while they are inside the .exe and while i can play the game as a standalone u can not save it for The Lost Heir2 or if u can i can not find the save file

if i play the game finish it and then save for The Lost Heir2 the only save file to edit i can find is in
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\UserID\439770\remote
how ever you still can not save it as it errors when u try to load the save in The Lost Heir2 breaking the save file

So… my Question is: Anyone know how to successfully edit and save files on Steam for choice games?

Credit to the thread helped me understand the locating and editing of files (to bad i cant save them)

The same questions. Always the same questions. sigh
This is where I found the answer:

Not the same question as that thread does not answer my question

And here I thought it was common knowledge that Steam saves stuff automatically (though their save system can be pretty wonky) and that you can edit the game code, but not the saves. (That’s what’s described in the link, and should have exactly the same effect as what editing the saves would have if that was even possible.) Just edit the stats you had at the end of The Lost Heir into the code of The Lost Heir 2, and you should be golden.

its not the same as continuing on with your choices from the first game

If you dive a bit deeper into the code and flip all the correct switches which track the choices you made (most of the time boolean variables, sometimes regular variables) it should act in exactly the same way. I’ll admit it’ll take some time and effort to figure it all out though.