Editing game files on Steam

I’ve played both two parts of Keeper, and now I wanna mess with the files so I can edit the stats and stuff and just generally mess around. I’ve used the “view game files” function but no saves there. I’ve also tried extracting the game .exe to a new folder with 7zip, but nothing there, either. Is there any way to get to the saves? I remember that years before I did it a couple of times on my MacBook (which is broken now, I use windows instead) but I can’t remember how. I’m pretty sure I did it by using a Mac-specific function. Can someone help me out, please? Thanks.

I’ve also tried accessing the “steam” files where all the saves from every game you have are filed under random number sequences. I found the files for Keeper but I have no idea what to edit, since there are no files. There were no files called “startup” or “scenes” or anything like I remember seeing on my Mac.


To see the coding of the game, it is in the game’s resource folder. It’s the first ASAR file, but DO NOT change anything in this file. If you want to edit your stat, navigate to:

The drive you installed steam on\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\282192180\steam ID\remote

To find the steam ID, just right-click the desktop icon of the game, select properties, and it should tell you. Just edit the file ended with state, no need for the rest.

We already have a thread on this, so I’ll leave the link here in case you want to know more:
Editing, modding…cheating?



  1. Create a desktop shortcut
  2. Right click it and click Properties
  3. Click the Details tab (or the Updates tab depending on your system, thanks @YamatoKai)
  4. Write down the number that comes after rungameid/ (or App ID)
  5. Go to whatever drive you installed steam on, for me it was C:/
  6. Got to Program Files (x86)/Steam/userdata/98014998/
  7. Look for the number you wrote down and open the folder
  8. Open the remote folder and find the file that ends in PState
  9. Open it in Notepad++ (or whatever you use)
  10. Assuming you know how to use Notepad++, do what ever you want to do and save it, but leave it open (you’ll be using it often, trust me)

From here on is just what I do to make backup saves

  1. Copy the entire contents
  2. Make a new Notepad doc and paste the contents
  3. Save it as an All types(*.*) file (I save it in a separate folder) and name it something related to the game

Now you also have a backup in case you mess up.


Sorry, but where is the “rungameid/”? Properties gives me tabs, but no numbers.

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@kafka84 Web Document tab or Details tab. Both of them have it. I’ll update the list.

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I really don’t want to be a bother, but I don’t seem to have a web doc or details tab. I only have general, updates, local files, and controller.

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Then look for “App ID” under the updates tab. Same number is listed there. Then go to Program Files (x86)/Steam/userdata/(bunchofnumbers)/(the App ID)



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