State of the Company: 2018

When I picked up the Delight games stuff (this is many, many years ago) they had some standalone and the rest in the compendium app.

I think MultipleChoice has the right idea - games very firmly settled into their long-tail of sales should be shoved into the compendium and current games still doing well stand-alone should remain so unless apple/google dictate otherwise.

Valve just needs to get over themselves and allow CoG to drop their entire line-up there.

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You’re right. They don’t show the game title in the search box though. :persevere: I suppose not everyone have the time to check the omnibus app itself. I did notice that Delight Games have separate stories and some kind of omnibus app as well but it might cost more for CoG or HG.

I hope it will run on PC too and furthermore will allow users to easily view the code (and perhaps mod) again, like how it used to be with Chrome Apps.
If that were to be the case then I really would welcome the new Omnibus App for CoG.


I will also mention reviews/ratings.

I’m not sure how that would work inside an app, but I’m guessing it would meant that users would review/rate the app itself, but only once, and then they wouldn’t update their rating/review to reflect when they read/play new releases.

And I say this because good reviews are soooo important for authors to allow growth. Here’s a review I got yesterday that I plan to put on my website…

Zachary Walters January 19, 2018
This kind of story telling puts company’s like Telltale Games to shame, i have been obsessed with this game since i got it and want whoever made it to get heard and grow. Seriously someone make a movie out of this.

That sort of review is like gold. But notice that even with this very positive review, the reviewer still has no freaking idea who I am. :expressionless: I’m doing what I can to change that.


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Yeah, the games are cheaper on the chrome store than on steam.

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Maybe they can us similar search words for gamebook in the app, and maybe have a list of current CoGs and HGs available in the description?

They could also test out the app while keeping the individual stories up until they iron out any problems.

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I just have a few concerns about the omnibus idea, if you don’t mind me bringing it up. Would the purchases be individual, and therefore give credit to the author as well as exclusive royalties? Also, would the purchases we’ve already made from the Google play store be redeemable inside the app if it’s not on a Google platform? That’s all.


Thought I add this
Showdown on willow creek is 5th on new and trending for steam’s rpg tab
Followed by yeti’s police officer at 6th
Just a little news about some good sales


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When we will have more information about this?


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I can’t wait for this!

This is great to hear! I just found out about Hosted games And Choice of games this year and im absolutely in love with it. I spread the word to anyone that will listen because this to me is such a fun genre of gaming and i want to share it with the world. Can’t wait to have the app as it was hard looking for games and titles on google play rather then having it on one collective app.

Cheers to 2018 i hope this year brings great things to the company.


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It is good to hear about the progress you are making. There are not that many choices out there for these type of games. I would love to have the option to play the titles I bought both on my PC and on my mobile so I can say I support the idea of the omnibus app.

In any case, I wish you guys a great 2018 and keep doing what you are doing.

i only have 1 question, if the omnibus App will force us to play online, because if internet is necessary count me off as client anymore, i like to buy games and play them in my Tablet (which dont have internet) so having a App that force me to play online is a turn off for me.

Psy High 2!!! Psy High was one of my first CoG. I haven’t played it in a while but I still have fond memories of it :hugs::heart: I’m curious though how the sequel would work. The first one’s endings can really diverge :confused: Anyway, I’m still hyped for this!

re: omnibus
I’m kinda ambivalent towards this. On one hand, it’ll be convenient to have all the games in just one app. On the other, I’m unsure about how the payment will work here. Would it be through monthly subscriptions or is it just going to be like it’s own app store that also saves all the games? Also, about the online part. I really hope the omnibus app isn’t just online. I like to play my CoGs when I’m in a place with no wi-fi lol

Either way, I hope the apps will still be published on their own instead of being solely on the omnibus app.


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Psy high 2!!!
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