Stat descriptors

I’m having trouble with combining a descriptions of the character’s hair on the stat screen

I’m trying to get it to read like ‘Chin-length wavy brown hair’ for example

My code looks like this:
*comment --MC_hair–
*create haircolor “”
*create hairtype “”
*create hairlength “”

text Name
text Age
text Gender
text Haircolor
text Orientation
text Clothing

A simple fix would be to not use a stat chart to display text variables and to just type it out instead:

Name: ${name}

Age: ${age}

Gender: ${gender}

Hair: {haircolor} {hairtype} ${hair length} hair

Orientation: ${orientation}

Clothing: ${clothing}

It’s a lot easier to combine multiple stats into one summary line if you do it that way. The only downside is that the text won’t be indented like it is with the *stat_chart method.


thank you!

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