Hiding Text Based on Variables in Stats Screen


I have created a general character description based off of my intro script where players select things like gender, height, hair color and length, eye color, class, etc.

______ is a ______ ______ ______ with ______ ______ hair and ______ eyes. ___ follows the path of the ______ and armed with a ______. ___ is wearing non-descript pants, tunic, and boots, as well as a ______.

I am looking to be able to hide certain sections of this until they have filled out questions and gone through various stages of the game.

Can point me to some help files or examples of how to do condition text display with value tokens on the stat screen?


In the stats screen, make displaying things depend on a variable.

*if user_has_set_appearance
  ${name} is a ${description1} {$description2} etc

And AFTER the section in the main game where you choose the user’s appearance

*set user_has_set_appearance true

You’re the best!! Thanks! That gives me more of a handle on “if” statements.

Forgive me if I’m trying to solve a problem already solved, but would

"${player_name} is a ${orientation} ${gender} ${race} with ${hair_length} ${hair_color} hair and ${eye_color} eyes. ${he} follows the path of ${alignment} and armed with a ${weapon}. ${he}  is wearing non-description pants, tunic, and boots, as well as a ${accessory}"

Also work? It would require more variables (maybe handled as temporaries on the stat screen) but it should reach your desired effect.
Also, sorry if my syntax is a bit rusty, it’s been awhile since I’ve had to quote code.


I was more looking for the ability to have the description hidden until the player actually fills out the needed description info. The previous solution worked great for that. Not sure if I’m seeing anything in your suggestion that would do so.

I think my post was confusing as it didn’t show where I have the tokens already plugged in but had blanks for them instead, which is how it would show before being filled out if it wasn’t hidden.

@techdragon610 This should work as long as you *create and *set all those variables. Remember to use $!{he} if you want it to be capitalized!

@thatguyjonny I think he was just confused by how you had blanks and was trying to put variables in for you. He meant to use it in conjunction with my suggestion.

Bingo. To be honest I completely forgot about that function with capitalization, thanks for the tip.

Thanks to you both!

This is my first game design and I’m thoroughly enjoying myself.

Pull up the file for my WIP ‘Quill & Sword’ to look at the script and you’ll see how I did exactly what you’re after. :slight_smile: