Startling Clarity (Minor changes, June 27th)

I’ve begun work on a game I threw up in a few minutes that others had expressed a want to check.

Within this, you play an individual not in the know when it comes to the state of the world around them, given they’re not quite from it, or any other like it for that matter. Your memories are in shambles, and you either work to reclaim them, or make something new of what’s been handed to you. Can’t really say much in regards to it without spoiling anything.

Currently, the playable content is fairly sparse, and it contains the intro, if even. That’s about it.
Updates will be sporadic, given how the world is spinning, and won’t happen too frequently.

Grammatical issues abound, and repetitive sentences to be had. I’ve not had my coffee at time of writing or posting.


Huh, interesting demo. Can’t really say much than that, I’m afraid :sweat_smile:

Just one question; it’s a medieval setting, isn’t it?

this fun read you got me wish you luck

Pretty intense story. I like :+1:. Can’t wait for the next update.

Not much to say yet. I didn’t notice any errors, and it seems promising. Good luck.

Cleaned up the start just a tad, with two paths that lead, as of current, to the same conclusion.
Still incredibly short. Just wanted to make it a bit more proper, before I move on to expand it.

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