Starship Adventures (ignore this thread and check out the new Hosted Games thread)


The five of us managed to ignore our jobs and loved ones long enough to put together a 50s-style scifi adventure which we’ll submit as a Hosted Game.

I’ll continue to edit as suggestions come in (but probably not quickly, because I need a nice lie down now!)

All types of editing are welcome.


My favorite part was when I saved the day in a floral unitard.

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I am very proud of our team, and especially @Felicity_Banks who manged to weave together all of these different episodes from different people with different writing styles and fill in the narrative gaps to have the story actually, you know, make sense. It would be awesome to have this be the first group-written HG.

We are definitely looking for feedback. What did you like? What do you think can be improved? As Felicity said in the OP, tweaks can be made. Any suggestions for adding replayability to game would be most helpful!

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The game was awesome (and I played it on dashingdon about 2 days ago) but I died at the very end

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It reminded me of an ultra cheesy sci-fi show.
Is it bad that I imagined the whole thing in black and white?(With very bad special effects)


@faewkless, that might just be the nicest comment we could possibly have received.

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Thanks for the nice feedback faewkless, Shockbolt and SheaMcD!
(That’s exactly the look we were going for faewkless :slight_smile: )

We’re still working on this and would love more feedback if anyone would like to playtest this for us. Please tell us what you think, anything from general thoughts to specific improvements welcome.

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I’d like to gender flip the Science officer because as much as it’s totally a troupe to have the blonde eye candy character; the strapping guy with perfect hair is also a troupe.

I generally like options to pick the gender of the cast where possible and reasonable.

The other thing I noticed was that I kept having options to use equipment I didn’t have. Hiding those or greying them out would be helpful. That or mentioning that you grab all the equipment after the ship crash.

This is true, also I’d rather like to pinch his butt more than hers. I know that in the actual fifties homosexuality wasn’t spoken of in polite society but still.
One also shouldn’t underestimate the appeal of all those artfully drawn covers of sci-fi and fantasy (comic) books on homosexual youth of that era. One older gentleman more or less told me that, while his contemporaries used to hide naughty magazines under their beds, his were out in plain view, in a nice reversal of the general trends in those days.
I’d also like my character to be able to wear some of the highly impractical and silly, yet somehow still kinda hot looking, sort of outfits Buster Crabbe used to wear in the 30’s Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers serials, because aside from the unitard, the current outfits (blue suit, black suit) seem a bit boring, more like Star Trek TNG than that really old sci-fi kind of look.

Note that the villains also often seemed to take pleasure in ripping the hero’s clothes and/or stripping him down

So there was definitely an element of homo-eroticism and/or appreciation of the male form (at least as much as they dared show such) there.


I really hope there is gonna be more sci fi games (I’m saying this because I just watched The Martian, and it’d be cool if there was a game like that)

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Just finished episode 1… This is more entertaining than i thought!


Just through I would resurrect this thread because…wait for it…waaaaaaait for it…

Starship Adventures is releasing now! Cancel your weekend plans! Seriously, cancel them!

This gamebook was a group effort; the first one I’m aware of being written by more than two people. I’ll let our gracious leader @Felicity_Banks throw in her two cents (when she wakes up). She has young children so she gets to sleep a lot.

Any feedback is welcomed.


Download commencing in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, we have started download.


With the exchange rate, my $0.02 is more like $0.0175.

I get to sleep a lot? Well, maybe “frequently” if you count the three seconds between falling asleep and having a tiny person wake me up.

I did pack them off to daycare today though, so if I wasn’t here I’d be napping. :stuck_out_tongue:

I started an official new thread at Starship Adventures Discussion (including discussion of group games)

Go over there and talk, coz that nap is approaching fast.


I’ll go ahead and close the thread just to avoid confusion. And congratulations with the release :tada:

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