SPANK (My first project)


accually the term queer meant strange or odd but the mordren age has changed the meaning same with gay. gay was suppose to mean happy but it has changed over time.
srry reaperoa for restarting but just wanted to get things straight



Okay then. Well, with all those people I know, I’m pretty sure that I must be some kind of Magnet for Weirdos. :-? Interesting idea, though.




This site is a magnate for weirdos haven’t you noticed that’s why we stay it’s nice here


I bet you something that you guys and gals all have Superpowers and I don’t.


I can fly O.o


I know people better than they know them selves…x)


I wasn’t implying that taking inspiration from elsewhere would then automatically classify the presumed work as plagiarism. I was just saying to bear that in mind. If every work that took inspiration or an idea from elsewhere weren’t around, well, then there’d be a heck of a lot less literature. I agree though, I’m not assuming that plagiarism is going to be an issue here.


cant wait to see this progess,and wait to see and try the demo :)>-



An organization called Illuminati? Isn’t that a real organization/religion in which people worship the Devil.


No. It’s a real historical secret society that lasted for less a decade, around the time of the American Revolution, but (like the less secret, much longer-lasting Templars) has found continued life in conspiracy theories and fiction about conspiracy theories.

As far as we can tell, “Illuminism” was a celebration of Enlightenment freethinking (and the smugness that so often accompanied it). There’s no indication that it ever involved anything resembling Devil worship.


Seems good so far, I shall be watching this thread…