SPANK (My first project)



My name is MICR0 and I’m a complete newb to COG forums and I’m very bad at coding (you might not believe me if I said I crashed my computer while doing it :P). So I just stick to story lining and writing…

Anyways I had this idea while writing a COG based on Urban Fantasy genre’s such as The Secret World, SMT series and adding a dash of Durarara!!! into the mixture. The plot basically comes in forms of arcs that interlink together, the first arc is basically an introduction to the Main character (that would be you) and other cast such as:

Audrey Parker- A 16-year-old mad scientist who’s not afraid to blow up your house just for no apparent reason.

Keiji Kashima- A japanese American teenager with demon powers

Madison Chen- A korean-American teenager who recently moved away from her family in a small town called Suffolk, Arizona.

Myles Lalonde- Teenage Alcoholic/Avid Otaku lover who’s quiet open with his social interactions

The Director- A woman in her 30’s who runs as the CEO of an underground society called the Illuminati

The Courier- A mysterious motorcycle rider who rides a black custom made harley-davidson with no front/rear light and license plate; he’s constantly quiet and always wear a helmet and gas mask to obscure his face.

Sly- French informat-broker

and many more, considering that if anyone is willing to volunteer their time to help me with this project. But it would be interesting if people can discuss ideas since I’m writing a book based on this (I’m also writing another Book called NoiR which has elements inspired by the same genre- but more of a Millennium trilogy feel to it)

Sorry for the longwinded speech, but I literally need to write this down or else I might forget :stuck_out_tongue:


Might wanna rename it or they might close it and make you reopen with new title


yeah the title is wierd


Dude I thought this was a dating SIM because of title


lol why did you name it SPANK anyway?


I hardly think the thread should be renamed just because a few viewers (and by few I mean two) found if odd or had misconceptions about it. The premise sounds interesting, though I’d be careful about adding a “dash” of some other work into it, lest it turn into some form that’s more plagarism than not, but it’s entirely possible to execute. Just worth saying, not going to mention the name, that I’ve played a work that took a little too much “inspiration” from elsewhere.


Maybe I started too strong…

I wish I have the power to delete this topic and try something different… I don’t know what I was thinking. Also the name Spank came from the song by the Naked and Famous.


@Roslyn_samalt06 lol, yea same sort of thought crossed my head.

@Batinthehat Without seeing even a demo, it’s impossible to tell how close a work veers to plagiarism, as opposed to how much a work is just described as being similar to something. Still, in this case, I’d veer more to it being a description of stylistic choices than anything else at the moment (if only because I’m prone to give the benefit of the doubt until I have indication of the contrary).

@MICR0 Impossible to speak on the game at all until there is a demo. Still, your writing (at least) makes use of proper grammar and punctuation, which is more than can be said in a lot of cases, and additionally, what you’ve described has a narrow enough scope to be creatable in a reasonable time frame, so I’d urge you to work on what you want to work on, whatever that would be. Still, if you want me to close it, I can.


Yes the illegible are invading as we chat… >-)


What a queer title, indeed. May we be presented with any details vis-a-vis the plotline affecting the main character, beyond the fact they will be interacting with some idiosyncratic characters?


But still sounds interesting


@Drazen dont use that language here, its against the rules as its derogatory


Queer=Strange @WiReDcHiMpAnZeE


Definition of queer: Queer is an umbrella term for sexual and gender minorities that are not heterosexual, heteronormative, or gender-binary.


Strange; odd: “she had a queer feeling that they were being watched”.


I have to go with @vampierkid222 on this one. No foul language was intended.


@vampierkid222 @WiReDcHiMpAnZeE @fantom Stop. We don’t need debates about what is and is not acceptable and what someone else may or may not have meant by choosing certain words.


Sorry @Reaperoa


Yeah sorry @WiReDcHiMpAnZeE and @Reaperoa i just took it a little personal


Not saying anyone did anything wrong. I think everyone had good intentions here, I’m just stopping it before someone else comes in without good intentions.