Spacehouse Rock (Pilot)

Yo. It is the greatest person alive here. I started to work on another game, this one is a sci-fi space jam with plenty of comedy, excitement, and awesomeness throughout it. It goes like this:

You’re a rockstar! Well, three rockstar’s. And millions of years in the future. Yeah, you are a three (wo)man band trying to hit it big in the age of spaceships, aliens, and lasers. You’ll go through a different wacky rush of an adventure each episode (Which are dubbed as sessions) as you try to hit the top. But each will involve music in one way or another. Be prepared for adventures with zombies, super powers, and space empires.

The adventures will vary from comical to epic to horror to more, but it will mostly be funny and will always be awesome.

Your genre will determine your experience, choosing the dying Jazz will pose a hard time pleasing people but a loyal fan base, electronic is the opposite with an easy time pleasing people and a not so loyal fan base, and more.

You can boost your popularity or loyalty based on your choices, along with choosing if you are a role model band or just a bunch of party rockers. You can also choose to sell out for big bucks and perks or keep your integrity and freedom. Don’t forget about deciding if you want to tear down the corps for freedom to the people, fun anarchy, or your own ambition. Other episodic choices that will affect the story are things like getting super powers, becoming a king/queen of a planet, and other wicked stuff.

I want grammar mistake after grammar mistake and suggestion after suggestion since we are early enough I can add them to the story. You can suggest adventures or choices or customization or genres or more. I also really need name suggestions. I am not really looking for suggestions for traits though. I also could use a better title. Now then, onto the details.

Rocking Protagonists

The Leader
You used to be part of the biggest rock group out there. The one everyone in the galaxy loved and listened to non-stop. You and your old band had started in high school then clawed your way to the top, through many challenges. But the exact day your band finally hit number one in the universe you were booted out the band by the leader, who used to be your best friend before (s)he made you all sell out and got a huge ego problem. Over ten years later you’re ready to start again. You will use your industry knowledge, song writing prowess, and epic drumming skills to lead your new band to number one and achieve what you almost had… be it for revenge, to show the world you don’t need to sell out to hit it big, or a whole other reason is up to you, but you’ll lead the way through the galaxy.

The Face
In the galaxy there exists a government, but it is nothing. Just a figure head basically, the real power lies with the corporations around the galaxy, which own entire planets and have unmatched authority. And you used to be the heir to one of them. Until you were thrown out your home with no explanation and shipped out to a backwater planet with not even a penny to your name. Years later you’re going to use your awesome guitar power, amazing voice, and great looks to help your band reach the top as the frontman and icon of the band. Whether you wish to take your place as the heir to your dad’s corp, tear down your dads corp, take it a step forward and try to get rid of the corporation ruled life style everyone has to deal with, or take it to the max and try to start an entire rebellion against the corporations and government is up to you, but no matter what your face will soon be scattered across rock posters, wanted posters, and news headlines everywhere.

The Brains
The only alien of the protagonists, the brains is an extremely smart individual who will use his/her/their knowledge to navigate the galaxy and manage the band, while also using his/her/it’s keyboard skills to rock the galaxy. As for everything else… he/she/they won’t say. You will have to discover the brains backstory as you travel the galaxy and gig on every type of planet. But be warned, some secrets may be better left untold.

Each character comes from a different background with a different goal in mind, it will be up to you if they achieve them or if those goals change on the way.

Kick-Ass Episodes

Woah, I like your enthusiasm, but we are still on the pilot before the first episode rocker. Not a single episode is done yet unless you count the pilot! But the pilots plot is the protagonists tell us their stories, say goodbye to their families, choose their looks and traits, then choose their genre, band name, ships, and guns. It ends with the first gig of many.

As for the other episodes, no spoilers before they come out dude. But if you want to suggest an adventure go ahead.

Trait System

I’ve decided to add a trait system similar to the ones you may have seen in other COG games, but with way more options. But this time around another difference is that there will be a point system. Choosing negative traits/flaws will give you more points that you can spend on positive traits/perks ensuring you will balance out your positive and negative aspects, so choose wisely because they will constantly change up the story!

Questions and such

There will be plenty of opportunities to get with the various aliens and humans and robots and fans you will find throughout the galaxy and the option to build yourself a space harem of them all, but other than flings there will probably be a handful of band or space crew members you can recruit that will be long-term romance options.

Band/Crew recruitment?
You will be able to add more band members like a bass player or a pyrotechnician on your journey through the galaxy in exchange for money. You will also be able to recruit people that will help in other ways, like cleaning up the ship for you to ensure your stress doesn’t get too high or a bodyguard in case you get into a bad spot. There will also be robots you can purchase and various cybernetic enhancements.

When will it be done?
Street Jam was updated daily but this won’t be, this is going to take a lot more time to finish than Street jam so I have no answer except in the future for this one.

Final beta test?
It will take place whenever and same as with Street Jam, all beta testers will be people who contributed on the way. No randoms.

Standalone song or album in mind?
I don’t feel that a direct sequel could be made from this but another season possibly could. I may just add more episodes overall.

Street Jam’s difficulty was through the roof but I won’t be doing that here. The only real difficulty will be getting the endings to every episode and the final ending you want. Feel free to ask me if you need help but there will also be no game overs this time around.

Here’s the pilot for you


You got me at “space harem”

Nah, I’ll just start reading it


Speed reader!

When you pick from a list of things it won’t let me choose one.


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Can’t pick any of the - options.

Dude, it says right above that you only have one perk point… it is even in the screenshot. You need to gain perk points in order to spend them…

I have not yet clicked the link, but the description alone has my interest. Looks great!

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Sorry…I’m blind .-.


Tbh i kinda want all of the above option at "most amazing night " part…

Do you have any idea how hard it would be to code every single combination of the options for that? It’d be like forty or fifty different combinations…:dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face:

Oh yeah it would prob make apsolute fuckery to code and wouldn’t even be worth it…

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Yup, definitely.

line 928: No selectable options
line 3721: No selectable options

That is a sign that you shouldn’t attempt to purchase what you can’t afford

I see a lot of name2 and name3

It is a lot easier if you screenshot it you know

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Got it.

Hi, I like what I’ve read so far! Just a couple things ive noticed–


My leader has a husband, but it refers to him as “her”

Another gender mix-up! This only happened when the character has a husband and a son!

When the face is nonbinary, this first paragraph sounds awkward. At the same time tho I’m not sure? The nb friends I have typically prefer “they are” when describing an action instead of “is,” because “they” is typically plural, even if it’s being using as a singular pronoun. I’m not personally nb though and I don’t know what grammar rules are accepted and expected here