SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP)

I don’t mean to offend but I’m a little curious on how you’re going to pull off so many ROs. There’s a common belief that sometimes less is more - the more you add, the more you have to compromise between quality and quantity. I’m worried that you’re stretching yourself thin working on 15 ROs (not to mention all the branching paths for the story).

Don’t get me wrong, SoS has potential, but I think it may be a little too ambitious for its own good. I’ll give you some credit though, as many authors would have already given up or moved on at this point but SoS has been in development for 5 years and still going.


could you have a kid with Charleston? If you choose to I mean. Sorry if you answered this before…

I am well aware that the scope of SoS is massive. Having this many ROs is not something I would ever recommend to anyone looking to make a game.

That said, the ROs were established from the start as principle characters. Alice and Iain, as options for your Gabriel’s partner, will get a lot of screen time. Other characters may feel less integral because it will take effort from Gabriel to get to know them–and you will not be able to get to know all characters well on a single run. Not all characters are introduced at the same time in the story. Whether or not they feel satisfying I leave for the players to judge when the game is finished.

And while I appreciate your comment and where you’re coming from, I write SoS first and foremost for myself. I do want others to enjoy playing it, and I do want to finish the game sooner rather than later. SoS is not my job. As aware as I am of best practices for making games, this is how I’ve chosen to proceed with SoS.

No. Charleston does not want kids and within the scope of the story none of the ROs will have kids with you. It’s also taboo for angels to have non-angel children–angel children involves splitting your Grace and the child is given to Heaven with no knowledge of their parent(s)–though the shell technically introduces a bit of a grey area.


Tbf, Shepherds of Haven has… 11? ROs, I think. So you’re definitely not the only author tackling large casts RO-wise!


Has this work been abandoned? I’ve been searching for “recent updates”, and they all seem to date 2019-2018.
Any news would be appreciated…
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Quoted from the author:


Thank you!


Sorry to interrupt…But I just wonder that if there is a way I can explore more of this game? Currently all I know about is the demo’s content which is in the first post… … But I find it in the posts that somehow there are more that has been out?

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Try the Tumblr or the Tumblr Guide

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Oh, I followed the link given in the first post and found things like Q&A and some introductions about the story. But I want to know that if there are more development, like, in the demo?Thank you.(Sorry if the expression seems strange…)

@RiverReed lol unless it’s updated when I wasn’t looking then some of the things mentioned in the first post I haven’t seen yet. But ether way it’s a great game and I look forward to seeing more of it. :smiley: But yeah the tumbler and discord and other links provided is good way to learn more and interact with people who have interest in it and someone among them likely knows more. Defintly more then me about the game and it’s world lol hope that helps and this finds you and everyone else doing well. :smiley:

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Just gonna put this here. I’m sure the author would let us know when there’s progress being made or not. As for interacting with the author on Tumblr / Discord, I would advise you to not ask them about the progress of their story because chances are this is their hobby project and they have IRL obligations.


Thanks for the information:D

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