Sordwin by Thom Baylay



Just finished my first playthrough, imported from the first game. Absolutely loved it. I just looked through the achievements and I’m wondering, with no small amount of shame, how do I get the “Three In A Bed” achievement I saw almost immediately?


I think that’s the one you get if your lover is Dandy/Daisy and you say yes to the threesome with the sailor.


Are there ROs other than Daisy, Leah, and Orianna?

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Ruby, Winter and Gunther.

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Hello all,

Thank you for helping with the class survey. Very interesting to see the spread. Of course, I will do my best to make sure that all the careers get equally interesting stories!

I now have another one that would be helpful to check so please do take a second if you have time. Again, if you have multiple MCs you can select more than one option.

Where did you choose to live at the end of Sordwin? In order from cheapest to most expensive…

  • Dockland
  • Southbank
  • Wallside
  • Trade Square
  • Marble Hill*

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*This one is a hidden option and only becomes visible as a choice if you have enough money, hence the spoiler blur :wink:

Thank you! You all continue to help in making this series the best it can be. Check out the Book 3 thread here for updates on how much I’ve written. It’s a long road but I appreciate everyone’s support as I attempt to travel it :slight_smile:


Voted for Trade Square since that’s where MC ended up in, but when I replay the game for the save file I’m definitely choosing Wallside since it sounds infinitely cosier.


Replayed Evertree Inn and Sordwin again, this time I can only afford Southbank :joy:

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Just curious, but why did people want Gunther to be an RO ? What is it you like about him as an RO ? Please be specific if you can.


He’s the competent but grumpy half of our buddy cop duo, which is more than enough for me.


Personally, that wasn’t enough for me to want him to be an RO. I liked him as an ally you could work with but I still don’t see how the fact that you can investigate together makes him RO material. What’s special about him or different from the other RO’s ? Can you be specific about what you like about him ? Because all the RO options can help you investigate whatever mystery we’re thrown into so that really doesn’t make me interested in pursuing him.


Tall scary half-orc is sexy :pensive::sparkling_heart::fist:

Lol but on more serious note I personally only think of him as a mentor figure for my mc but I can definitely see the appeal.

At first encounter he seems cold and scary but if you play as a lawful/good character (i.e. watcher or bodyguard) it feels natural to align yourself with Gunter in Evertree Inn. Other characters are also sometimes scared of him just because he’s half-orc even though he’s a Luxican official. As a character he has complexity and he’s different enough from the other RO’s archetype to merit his own route. He definitely doesn’t feel like a one dimensional character from the first book and seeing how well-written the other RO’s route in this series, it’s understandable that some people want Gunther as another romance option :see_no_evil:

((I forgot, can you have Gunter as companion in Sordwin?))


I suppose the dynamic with the MC is interesting, as a mentor figure. He’s meant to be an investigator unlike the other RO’s, in my case is the reason I went into that investigator route. He is grumpy, which I find fun as I usually play more happy go lucky MC, but isn’t a total jerk to the extent Ori is. The relationship as a friendship is fantastic but I’d also be happy to see it progress into something more simply because I know it will be great.

Amyway, it’s not a matter of choosing one RO over another, in my opinion. They’re all cool, and I’ll play every route because I love the characters a d the story. Gunther is just personally my favorite in that the relationship is more interesting to me than the others overall, again based purely on how I play my frequent MC.


This is a really interesting question. Since Evertree came out I’ve had requests for nearly every NPC to be romance-able from someone (Sebastian Rivera, Tobin Brushgather, a random sailor at the tavern on Sordwin…:stuck_out_tongue: )

I guess you could ask the same question about all the ROs. What is it that makes you choose Dandy over Lamuel, or Oriana over Gunther, or Winter over Ruby? And is there anyone out there who still hasn’t settled on any of them and is waiting for Book 3 to introduce a 7th option? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


He’s cute, charming, sexy, fashionable, rakish, smart and most of all fun to be with. :heart_eyes: Really he’s a perfect gem. Why would my mc want anyone else?


I wonder how many people will wish they’d opted for the docks when they realise how expensive the cost of living is in Lux… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thank you everyone for answering this poll. I’m very surprised by how many people ended up in Marble Hill. Each of these locations will have a very different subplot attached so I hope you enjoy uncovering them :slight_smile:

Now back to writing.


How do people can even afford Marble Hill…

Ok be honest who have been stealing from the Sordwin fountain? :stuck_out_tongue:


allow me to answer


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You guys coming for that Orc booty


Mate, he’s a hot half orc, what other reason you do need? :rofl:

Me wanting to romance him since book 1 is because 1) hot half orc, 2) grumpy, 3) I love having grumpy ROs with a wild/savage/beastly side to them, so, his orc nature, and 4) the thought of having a huge grumpy half orc as your RO and forming a power couple.

Then on book 2 it added number 5) rather tragic backstory that just makes him more endearing, and 6) him losing control on his rage? H O T :joy:

So there, those are my reasons.