Song of will-o'-wisp [WIP] Updated 22.11.15


This is based on a story I wrote some ten years ago, it is somewhere around year 50 BCE, northern europe. There will be some fantasy elements in it. Also there will be some rather brutal scenes in the story, for northern europe was not the most hospitable place at this time, and because it was originally written by a teenager.

Progress will most like be very slow, as I need to first translate it from my native language to English and then make changes to the story for the choices.

The original story is 829 pages long, but since I probably can’t be bothered to make a sequel, I’ll just make one a little bigger game.

I have a bad habit of writing a little here, and then a little there, so before the game is finished, there might be a lot of text missing between choices.

Oh, and just so you know, there won’t be a one clear choice to choose your sexuality, and neither will all the character be open for both genders as possible partners. Just like in real life.

As for the concept, It’s your basic die and get reborn sort of story, but in this instance you won’t get magic or superpowers after getting reborn, but quite the opposite. You are born in family of magic, one with a very high standing, but you resent it, as magic has never done any good for you. And being born in a family that has high expectations of you is never easy. So in the beginning you pretty much choose your way to die, and the actual story starts after that.

I released this now, as to motivate myself to actually get some writing done. This won’t be even a demo for a while. But something like a proof that I’m actually working on it.

If you happen to spot any inconsistencies, typos, or sentences that seems a bit off (Like a comma monster) please, leave a message, so I can fix it :smile: Thank you.

Edit 22.11 The changes are small, there are only 2 new pages, but a good amount of new/fixed code. Added 1 new stat.


Very interesting concept. Do you get reborn everytime you die? I’m assuming the getting reborn is the main focus of the game, since that’s what you’ve ended your summary with.


Ah, sorry. Forgot that part, before the story is done, you’ve been reborn 3 times. Every choice you make in your past life might have long reaching reprecussions, let’s say you had children in your first time, you could meet your great grandchildren if all goes well. If you die before you destined time you’ll backtrack in time with diminished stats as you lose some of yourself on the process. I’ve already fleshed out some choices you can only pick, if you’ve died in certain points of game.


Spelling error in prologue2.txt “Just as you’re starting to feel the comfort and serenity of sleep enveloping you, there is a loud noice outside.” it’s noise.

A shame that all the names are kinda… lame and you have no choice in the matter but oh well that’s just personal preference. Male names don’t even give stat bonuses but I guess that’s part of the WIP.

The whole “You be dead” is also wrong since it should be “you are dead.” although I am unsure if it is some joke or meme. It’s probably memes.


Thank you for pointing out the typo, I seem to miss them too often.

The male names are only place holders at the moment, I’ve already added female names, and they are actual germanic names. As it was mentioned, all the names give a small stat boost that is somewhat loosely tied with the etymology of that said name. “You be dead” is from time when Unreal Tournament was a big thing :slight_smile: I left it there as a joke, mostly for myself though.


That’s actually a style of speech in a number of locations in England and Cornwall, so while not “Oxford English” it isn’t totally wrong :smile:


Will picking our own give a boost too?


No, but it’ll have it’s own consequences.


Perhaps you should expand the first life a bit, and add character customization there. That way it would add to the shock factor of the first rebirth.


I chose Bob as my name and instantly dieded :C


yea thats every option cuse thats where its currently ended for the writing i highly suspect


When I saw there was an option to run outside with a lightning rod, I cracked up. Hilarious! Even more so when I realized you could do it even if you were not an elementalist.:dizzy_face: Can’t wait for more!


I should be able to do an update sometime next week, prologue and chapter 0 will be expanded. Also if I get the time, there should be a scene that gives you some idea why I mentioned this to a bit brutal story.


Woo hoo! Brutality!

(+ 20 characters )


Sorry for the long overdue update, and even now it is a very small one. Mostly fixing and adding code, and only one new page. I should be able to start updating more frequently now, that I’ve gotten all my work done. Though Fallout 4 and SW:Battlefront will take some of my time :smile:

There’s going to be few more smaller updates tomorrow, sunday and monday. (This is again just for my sake, so I won’t start procrastinating.

Edit. Ah, I completely forgot. If you find any typos or something that seems out of place, or just suggestions, please, feel free to let me know. I’d appreciate it.


Fallout 4 was pretty amazing. The ending was pretty disapointing though. It felt too short. I like your concept and I will definitly look at your game as often as possible.


I like fallout 4 it is fun for me


"This is not completely true, you only see the good and happy moments of your life.

Unfortunately for you they are far and between."

I think you mean “few and far between”


@Doctor, thank you.

I hate it when I somehow forget a word, or mess a sentence. So every bit helps.

I’m thinking of changing the name, since this is only a working title. Source for the name, an awesome song. Amberian Dawn - Virvatulen Laulu


I kind of like the willowisp title, but they are both good