Something Good

Who nos a good medievil interactive game

I’m currently making one although chances are it’ll be the next duke nukem forever

To those who don’t get the reference: Chances are it’ll finally get released after a decade.

You honestly can not go wrong with these game.

or this one

if you are looking for a little more dark fantasy these two stories work great.

Notice how they are all on the same site.

mmmmm interesting ill check em out

Necromancer < Death Song.
Necro was incredibly fun.
Death Song was incredibly touching.
Play Necro first, BTW.

@MrYoungzman are you a member of

Not a member, I just really enjoy it.

Too bad, I got excited there for a second. I am a member if you look at the forums page you will see some of my comments. Hint user name cool74

The games arent half bad but some games are like storys.

Pick the top rated ones. Magnificent. Some others are decent. Some are crap.

That is some of the point. The community is more focused on the story then the game.

I only play for the story~


Welcome to the entire point of IF?

Unless you mean their are no branches. And actually that’s always confused me. Kinetic VNs/IF (There’s no I in it if it’s kinetic!) have always seemed cheap to me. Can’t get your actual work published? Slap it on an engine and give it a go!

But then again look at Higurashi. Doesn’t mean you can’t tell a great story in the process.

Life goes on I quess