Somethhing's breaking firefox

So, when I try running my game, it seems to be breaking firefox? With that said, would someone be able to run the scene and confirm, or something like that, as I can’t find anything that would make it do that, but for the last 4 times I’ve tried to run a particular sequence, (starting from the choice about "my beard, with it’s texture ruff beneath my sensitive fingertips), that’s the choice, firefox just freezes, and it’s starting to get annoying.

Here is the link for the scene:

I can upload the startup file as well, if that helps, just so you don’t have to add in all the variables and such.

You have an infinite loop here. You have to break it somehow

*label beardlength
*if ((mc_balled=true) or (mc_hairstyle ="shaved"))
	or in other words, the same color as my hair
	*if (mc_balled =true)
		or it would be if I was able to actually grow hair on my head, at least. Given that I can't, well. The beard will just have to pull double duty I guess.
		*goto beardlength2
	*elseif (mc_hairstyle ="shaved")
		or, at least when I decide that I want to stop shaving it all off and let it grow back on my head once more I guess.
		*goto beardlength2
	*goto beardlength

It happens when both of the conditions in the first if are false

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Thanks. :slight_smile: I think I fixed it now.

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