Some games aren't available in the android app

Hello everyone,

I’ve noticed that games like The Great Tournament and Life of a Mercenary can’t be found in the Android app. You have to install them directly from the Play Store.

Can this be solved and, if so, when?

Thanks in advance.



Hello and welcome to the forum! I would suggest emailing support-gps-omnibus(at)hostedgames(dot)org regarding this.

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Are you sure you’re not mixing up the Hosted Games omnibus with the Choice of Games omnibus? Because both of those games are available in the HG app:

If you’re still having problems, consider changing the search terms or using the ones in my screenshots. If those still don’t work for you, then I’m afraid that this is an issue that is beyond the scope of what the forum can help with, and as @HannahPS said, you should contact Choice of Games directly by sending an email to support.

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Some games available in the games app have been removed from the play Store too. Literally the opposite .

Are you sure about that? Because skimming through the Google Play Store, there doesn’t seem to be any games missing. Unless you’re talking about the Apple App Store, because there was a policy change years ago that prevented CoG from releasing individual apps on there anymore, hence the omnibus. Similarly, there’s been issues releasing individual apps in the Philippines and Korean versions of the Google Play Store (omnibus releases have been unaffected in those countries), so if you’re looking through there, that might be what you’re experiencing.

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Path of light available in hosted games app. Removed from Google Play

Oh, Hosted Games didn’t take that app down from the Play Store, it was never a standalone HG app to begin with:

You would have to contact the author or original publisher for more info on why it’s no longer available.

Oh ok

That was exactly it! I checked with the hosted games app and it worked.

Thanks everyone and have a nice day!


Fabulous, glad all is well!