Why is the android version of Path of Light different from the ios one?

Is it because of copyright issues that the hosted games logo and choicescript missing from the android version? Because the android version of it is bloody awful, but not in storytelling but the game’s numerous bugs and glitch, it looks like the ios version is a lot more polished.

@Mayday should be able to answer your question.


Thank you, @Samuel_H_Young, I didn’t see that question. So, I am the author and I was working with another developer who only worked with Android. Later on I was lucky enough to meet Samuel for quite a few reasons. Contacting Hosted Games and asking them to distribute the game to iTunes under their label was his idea.

So, Hosted Games have nothing in common with XS Gamebooks. I only worked with the latter for the Path of Light (both parts + the prequel). Maybe I should mention also a very short app called Dating a Witch which was really the beginning of my interaction fiction adventures.