So who all is entering the CoG Contest for Interactive Novels?


Excited to see the buzz growing around this competition again! I’ve just restarted writing, after a lengthy period of being too busy. I’m still near the beginning of my story, but I have a clear vision of where it’s going. Mine is a modern-day setting with fantasy elements - it involves a mysterious curse on the player, and conflict (physical and philosophical) between pro- and anti-magical organisations. (Ugh - I keep trying, and failing, to describe it in ways that don’t make it sound like Harry Potter. I swear, it really isn’t that similar!)

I hope to make significant progress over the next couple of months, and then see where I’m at time wise …


This post gave me inspiration to continue. Thank you!

I would be done right now, if I hadn’t gotten entirely side-tracked and derailed by making a different game. But, I’ve set that other game down, and now I’m back to my contest entry.


That’s right, you gotta be the standard-bearer for the old guard! Considering your pace, not getting done in time for the contest was likely not a concern, even with another pot on the burner. Looking forward to seeing what you have for it.


I wish this were true, unfortunately, I get busy with work in 2 weeks and I lose most of my writing time. My productive weeks are almost over!

Netflix releasing Defenders didn’t help either. :slight_smile: At least GoT is almost over. Oh, but I stumbled onto American Gods and I’m a full season behind on Better Call Saul. I need 36 hour days and 4-day-weekends!!! :slight_smile:


Contests and work can wait. Better Call Saul has to take precedence. Breaking Bad is my favorite show of all time, watched it since the beginning (where I tuned in based solely on loving Cranston as Hal on Malcolm in the Middle), and Saul is every bit as good so far. This season is even more of a slow burn than the others, though it really heats up at the end. Favorite episode might be the legal smackdown in ep 5.


Because college this year won’t have the time to finish mine in time. Hardly have time to work on my main project . :disappointed_relieved: :wink:


Finally put a WIP together :blush:


Just found this thread. I’ve been working on a game for the past month & am around 40k words in. I have the game plotted out and most of the hard coding done (I’ve created a pretty robust combat system) so all that’s left is writing really. I’ll throw up a WIP thread a month or so before the deadline, but for now all I’ll say is the setting is based on medieval generalship.


There’s less than two months left, now, but 40k in one month is some quick progress! Good luck, @VoiD

I have about 160k written for The Magician’s Burden but about 60k left to write before Jan 31st. I guess those are the breaks when you only give yourself 7 months to write a 220k story.


For what it’s worth, I think we’ve received three submissions so far.

And there’s…26 days remaining?



Seriously?! I assumed it would be dozens (though surely it will increase exponentially by the 31st.) I really want to submit mine but I’ve got like 25 days to write 50k (the total word count keeps increasing) so it’s going to be very difficult.


I’ve figured when I first saw this a year back that I would probably man up and learn Choicescript proper so I could try the next competition which rolls around, so please do lots so we can have a second one people! :frowning: (Actually got the ghost of an idea for a possible game today.)


I doubt it will be dozens. Maybe that’s how many started one, but to finish and submit is another matter; a lot of life can happen between 0 and 100k to derail people. Unless there are a lot of very quiet folks who have not revealed their story’s existence of yet (I am sure there are a few, but would still think them to be a small group), my best uneducated guess is somewhere between 15 and 25 qualified entries at the end of it all.


We’re up to five.


Those are braver souls than I. Would hate to turn it in early and then think about things I could have done to tweak or improve it.


Well, better earlier in this month than later (because this is the final month). Like for example, I thought I just finished submitting mine but Rachel emailed me telling me that was I sure because it should have been in her inbox by now and it wasn’t, so I emailed her back explaining that the submission page asked for permission to access my Google Drive then it put a “Contest Submission” package in my google drive. Apparently, it somehow didn’t get to her, so I created a shareable link and emailed her that.

Long story short, it looks like the submission page is having issues, so if you or anyone else is going to submit an entry, don’t wait until the last second.


Oh, I agree. Waiting to the last minute wouldn’t do.

So I’ll turn it in on the 30th.


Against all odds, I’m actually getting this done in time. I still have 40k left to write but I’m writing 1.5k per day until the last week of the month, when I’ve taken off work. :sunglasses: That will give me enough time to write whatever’s left and proofread/bugfix/nitpick, etc.


Grind it out, @Samuel_H_Young! I’m hoping one of the ‘home team’ folks wins this!

And I get a little dejected every time I get a notification from this thread (and I get lots of them, since I started the thread). I curse myself for not pushing through with an entry, but CCH2 will be submitted to HG very soon, and that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise, so I have to accept the trade-off.


Thanks, me too. :wink: I have 25k left now so I’ll for sure finish TMB in time for the contest.

Yeah, I felt the same way. I was convinced that I would never be able to finish my entry in time, but two weeks off work gave me just enough time. The good thing, though, as you said, is that the competition gave you extra incentive. Regardless, CCH2 will likely be wildly successful.