SLAM DUNK: Sports Simulation/Slice of life rpg [WIP]


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All slam dunkers, ring rockers, rump shakers, pump fakers, big poppas, rain droppers and any Sasquatches ready to bring their A games…

Slam Dunk (v3 currently) is a sports rpg on choice script… to be set over four years of college basketball life. Will you get recruited by a top college or an up and coming one? Will you survive the trials and temptations of college life? Can you lead your college to a state championship? Will you go pro?

The choice is yours at:

I have produced a working simulation of a basketball game (will need another re-write at least) but I especially need feedback on 2 things so far.

  1. The game will be fully female protag compliant (so I would love to know if there any she/he her/his etc in the wrong place)

  2. Which position people played as and how the trial went. Each position can play to very different strengths and weaknesses. So if anyone can post their end of trial data below it would be very helpful to get the balance right (an example shown)

BLUE TEAM : TRIAL OVER : Final Record 0 wins and 3 losses

NAME: Dave Thorrn
HEIGHT: 6 feet 2 inches
POSITION: Shooting Guard PLAYSTYLE: Three Point Specialist

Offense: 75
Defense: 50
Technical: 25
Physical: 50

Your trial history
Game 1: 10 - 12 : LOSS
Game 2: 4 - 12 : LOSS
Game 3: 9 - 11 : LOSS

After the trials your current recruitment rank would be 8 out of a lowest possible 8.

I need to tweak the starting stats and make it impossible for people to cheat *cough* but the structure to the model is more or less there. I would also love the usual feedback/criticism/death threats as per usual. A Bonus point goes to the clever person getting the movie reference in this post.

Much love


alirght let try this from a diffrent angle is it possible that you could make an option to choose the diffuculty of the match stimulations?


Part of the text during my playthrough suddenly turned into what looks like Japanese or Chinese text for some reason.



Erk - where abouts?

(It looks ok on the run-through that I have just done)


(It doesn’t seem to want to be pasted onto my comment for some reason)

Well anyways, it happens during the national basketball trials.


@RagEgnite Does it happen every time - or has it just happened the once? (any chance of being more specific - had you started playing a game or were your skills being assessed? )


Skills being assessed.


@RagEgnite :(( sadly I can’t reproduce that on my end - does it stop you from playing or can you carry on?

(not the best of starts eh?) If anyone else can shed some light on this please feel free to chip in!


I can carry on, but it’s just as strange as listening to River Twygz Bed for the first time.


@RagEgnite - If you reload / start from the beginning again - is it still there?


Yes, but it changes the text around a little-- There’s a new language in there that my computer doesn’t recognize that wasn’t there before.


@RagEgnite - any chance of typing out the last couple of words that you CAN make out - and I can search from there?


“They may suffer from a lack of speed and have a poor shot from distance but those that don–” (Weird text appears)


@ragegnite Try again big man (I think I’ve fixed it!) or big girl… it’s fixed for the Centre position of both sexes!


BLUE TEAM : TRIAL OVER : Final Record 3 wins and 0 losses

NAME: Jimmy Buckets .
HEIGHT: 6 feet 6 inches
POSITION: Shooting Guard PLAYSTYLE: All Around

Offense: 75
Defense: 25
Technical: 50
Physical: 50

Your trial history
Game 1: 11 - 7 : WIN
Game 2: 11 - 7 : WIN
Game 3: 12 - 9 : WIN

After the trials your current recruitment rank would be 1 out of a lowest possible 8.

Pretty sure my play through was bugged. I had high stats in almost everything. Stealing was my lowest with 40%. Everything else was 60% or higher. Team play was at 110% I enjoyed the game although it killed me every time I tried making the right basketball play and it ended bad because my guys stats weren’t good in that category. I also came to realize that your teammates had strengths of their own. For example, one play through my center would hardly ever require help. My point guard would always require help though.

It was an enjoyable game. I wanted an oversized shooting guard but it seemed the cut off was 6’6", anything higher and you were locked in at small forward or power forward.

I was working on my own basketball CoG and got excited when I saw this. Mine is much different from yours but this gave me some motivation to continue mine.

Edit: That opening quote is the movie reference. Is it from a movie on Netflix? It sounds so familiar lol. I will take a stab in the dark and say Like Mike 2.


@gameover Could be - 110% is a bit high but I do need to overhaul the stats though

More than happy to consider a collaborative project if you’re up for one… I’m all about the teamwork and 2 heads are always better at getting something progressing well?

p.s: oversized shooting guards is cheating! (particularly in the current model!)


BLUE TEAM : TRIAL OVER : Final Record 1 wins and 2 losses

NAME: Davo Dimes
HEIGHT: 5 feet 11 inches
POSITION: Point Guard PLAYSTYLE: All-Around

Offense: 50
Defense: 50
Technical: 50
Physical: 50

Your trial history
Game 1: 10 - 13 : LOSS
Game 2: 6 - 12 : LOSS
Game 3: 13 - 10 : WIN

After the trials your current recruitment rank would be 6 out of a lowest possible 8.

I really enjoyed this game, especially since I’m a basketball player myself. Since I live in Australia I’ve always wondered what it’d be like to play college ball in the US, and this game was really fun for me.

I hope you decide to focus more on the ‘life’ aspect of being a college basketball player, such as trying to balance sport, school and your social life. It would be even better if you made ‘histories’ for us that would impact on the game, such as:
Option A: Raised in a neighbourhood I played street ball for most my life (Aggression +10, Handles +10, Dunking Ability +10, and so on and so forth)
Option B: My father was a pro euro basketball player and he trained me (Passing +10, Shooting +10, so on and so forth)

I have a lot of great ideas for games such as these, especially when it’s about a sport I love. So if you ever come short of ideas or want some fresh ideas, feel free to contact me :slight_smile:

Anyway, I really enjoyed this game and I can’t wait until the next update.


@Davo Yup - there will be life stuff. And histories… And as I said to @gameover I’m all for collaboration - doing any game is hard - particularly singlehand and with this thing called life in the background. Please feel free comment here or PM me about them any time and we can chat.

(edit) @gameover Nope - Not like Mike 2 (or 1) actually not from a film about basketball but a film where basketball is played relatively briefly… keep guessing!


gotta be a bug when you have 70 three pointer skill and miss an open shot?


also it kinda weird how the auto hits three pointer with any player when you have a big lead.