Silverworld Achievement Guide

Hey there, since I have not seen any other post that discusses the achievements of Silverworld in depth (aside from how to get the Shadow Heart one ;D) I thought: Why not make a guide, in case you struggle with certain ones.

The guide is not based on exact stats, it just suggests approaches that worked for me. If I make mistakes or you keep running into problems: lets discuss, I’d be glad to change the guide!

Legendary Builder

This one is fairly easy to attain: In the beginning, you get to focus on one expansion of the village. For save success, chose the one that aligns with your profession (e.g. Mechanic/ Scholar/ Merchant/ Mystic). The hint is included in the description of the option. After visiting the Mount, you get to expand two more times, after each of the three missions you also get to enhance the village (I think it’s: first mission: two expansions, second mission four and third mission three, but I’m not sure on the exact numbers). Using medicine or the portal will take one action away from you, so you might want to be careful when you want to expand your village completely. Constructing the buildings sometimes fails, too. To prevent that, here are a few recommendations: Often it is hinted that you work with your allies during building: if you have a high stat with them, it will be more likely that your endeavour succeeds (take for example creating the roads: if you have a high bond with Therko, he will save you from snakes, writing? if you have a high relationship with control or vecla, their option will work more likely, theatre? same with alexius! The buildings also relate to certain stats of yours, so having a high stat in it will more likely mean succes. Also, during the first attack of the ophedians, they might destroy one of your buildings (e.g. watchtower, dock, bank, warrior hut). Reparations will cost you 1000 solids. Raiding the ophidian fortress will ensure that you have enough solids to not only repair the building, but also build all the buildings with save success (you really get a lot of solids there)

Honorary Chieftain

In order to get that achievement you have to succeed in recruting new members, aswell as not loose your current ones. Here are a few things that might help you in that:

- Avoid the assasination of Queen Acma (without severly damaging her hive), then she will send a bee delagation to your village (It worked for me to not chose the search for allies option or (obviously) the kill the queen option, but the join the fight heroicly option (the third one), attack the swarmwalkers, do not burn the hive, do not attack or steal from the bees)

- Avoid the conflict between Losh and the Triune during the second mission (it worked for me to aknowledge the pulleys on the statue, admit that it is most likely not a god, tell the truth of the icon, and chose the hey-vecla-talk-to-your-former-assistant-option three times). That way, Skull Ripper and Losh will return with you to the village and fight alongside you! :slight_smile:

- You can also win the Bridge Keepers as part of your village by saving them from the airship (pick the first option)

Then there are other options that increase your population:

- prevent the people from dying :smiley: (heal them, win the fights etc)

- win the eloquence battle against Stralcus, so not so many people will desert you (there are several ways to win this test: if you have high relationship percentages with Alexius and or Dr.Sabbentine you can chose the last option and let them guide you, if you have good oratory skills, try the second option, if you are brave and strong or have a lot of valour try the first option)

- Whenever you are presented with the option to free slaves or help tribes, go for it :smiley:

Big Game Hunter

There are several ways to accomplish that, here are a few tipps and suggestions:
So far, I think that only the giant Elephant and the Tyrant count as “big game”. I have not been able to kill the Tyrant at the first intance right at the beginning or the second one during the test fight, but in the third fight, when the ophedians come to your village before you go to the ziggurat, it was possible to shoot it down with the other villagers in a group effort. I think you have to have high percentages in strength for this one. There is also the possibility to fight the elephant in certain paths in the djungle while you are on your way to the ziggurat. (I do not play strength-based warriortype characters that often, therefore I can only persume, that this might lead you killing it, too.) Other benefical aspects might be: Seeking out Alexius’ or Therkos help during those fights, if you have a strong bond with them.

Richer Than Croesus

To gain 14000 or maybe it was 140000 solids and therefor surpassing the requirements of this achievement, you simply have to chose to plunder the ophidian fortress with Alexius: 1) go on the mission for the tabulation chart 2) search for survivers 3) keep Therko from killing the tattooed man, he will tell you about a secret lava entrance 4) do not draw or photograph in this section as it triggers different paths sometimes 5) get up, doesn’t matter how 6) do not photograph or draw again 7) the “hey-alexius, draw a map” option worked for me well, and the Control one and the Vecla one, does, too. 8) Choose to use the secret lava entrance 9) choose to sneak around with Alexius 10) don’t die and have fun :smiley:

Modern Hero & Return to Normality

There are a bunch of ways to get this, the crux is: If you have to choose your aim, choose returning home or returning as a rich woman/man. Work toward that goal, do not let the false icon lure you in or fall, you to overthrow Stralcus and carry out the capturing process yourself OR simply let him pull through his plan. Defeat & fight the false icon’s army. Try not get Sabbatine shut down, so it is benefical to slide solids through the portal ( &maybe raid the fortress of the ophidians :D) For return to normality, you cannot chose to let the false icon escape, for modern hero, you can (triggering myriads and myriads), but you still have to return to the modern time.

Savage Hero

Choose to stay in the village. You can achieve this by simply not returning to the future. Cross Stralcus plans either by letting the false icon escape or fall on the earth.


The easiest way to be succesful with taking photos is to chose mechanic as a profession, have a high technic skill and perception, then chose a photography option three times :slight_smile: you can also get this by chosing different paths, like trialing and erroring around while photographing or simply drawing! :smiley: But I bet no one struggles with this one anyway :smiley:


You have two chances to get this one: the first one is in the ophidian fortress, the second one in the ziggurat. Basically: Have your sneaking stats raised, do not chose options that distract you (like freeing slaves, plundering and the like). It is beneficial to know about the secret entrances (ophidian fortress: do not not kill the tattooed man, he will tell you about a lava entrance; ziggurat: sneak the information off of the harald (trick them into talking about the ziggurat) or get the information through the false icon by chosing the: it can whine and pleas as much as it ilikes, i will sneak information k bye option during your dream of Stralcus and the ziggurat.


While you are at the obsidian fortress: Have a high tech-skill/ have the mechanic-profession, chose the “I’ve always wanted to flood a fortress in lava” (something like that, it’s one of the lowest options and contains lava) option … and kaboom!

Secret Origin

During each of the missions you can come across an event that will lead to Control getting distressed: 1. beehive: choose the options relating around control that talk about their gestalt-intelligence and hive mind, she will reveal a hexagonal shape in the back of her head, if you have a good relationship. 2. cog-mission: you come across a statue of Dr.Sabbatine. Control will freak out, help her and comfort her (or let Alexius do it), she will reveal a photograph, 3. ophidian fortress: chose to search for encaptured humans (available for example when you sneak in by using the secret lava entrance (see above for a detailed description on how to get the information), ask control about her shared mind, if your relationship is good, she will reveal a copper wire. After each of part of the information is revealed you can talk to Dr. Sabbatine by using the portal (in the section where you can also chose to use medicine or rebuild the village) about the three clues, and she reveals the secret origin of Control. that is surprisingly un-secret, but hey :smiley:

Power of the Green

Support Alexius in becoming a vessel of the green icon. The following tipps might help you: Early on, try to expand the roads of the village (and I think it is also useful to expand the grove, but I am not sure with both is mandatory), while talking to Alexius when he asks you what you think of the transformation (after he returns to the village, healed), do not chose the lets-focus-on-robbing-those-people-option, but chose one of the hey-maybe-thats-cool options (e.g. the bottom one in which you can say that maybe he can become a better person, or the one in which you compliment him about it). During the cog-mission: Talk friendly to the green-icon, chose the bottom option that benefits Alexius (but I do not think it is mandatory, but beneficial), after that, when you return to the village, you get the dialogue that Alexius wanders off into the woods more and more and you get to visit him there (in the same menu, in which you can choose to use medicine, build the village or use the portal), if you have rebuild the road succesfully, chose the option “visit alexius”, then you will have a scene in which you visit him, he is basically strapped to a tree and you can encourage him to go through with his transformation (e.g. chose the “be brave blabla”-option, the kissy-kiss-option or any other option that is not telling him to overthink it or that ripps him free of the vines. Ta-da, you have aquired a plant-powered god-vesseled, sidekid-bud, yeah!

Golden Touch

romance Alexius. be kind to him, chose options that feature him, he is actually quite easy to get, you cannot do that much wrong :smiley: things to keep in mind: if you went through with his second transformation (aka power of the green), he will choose to stay in the village, so you might want to choose to stay in the village, too, in order for you two to not get separated. When you do not go through with the second transformation, he can and will want to follow you home. Options that Alexius likes: Plundering, mercantilism, bartering, getting money, using his plant powers, shooting alongside him, protecting him, doing all sorts of shennanigans. It is also a bonus to visit the statue of the golden eye with him alone. there you also have an opportunity to make a cute move :smiley: but yeah, not much to mess up on that battle field!

Mark of Favor

For this achievement you have to be kind to Therko, choose options that feature him, fight alongside him. It is also beneficial to save the human experiments with him in the ophidian fortress (by entering the secret lava entrance, as described above). From my experience it is a bad idea to make him kill Keimia :smiley: just try to support him, let him overcome his trust issues by showing that you are loyal, loving and unlike Keimia. Me trustful (I think a low subterfuge stat benefits you). He will follow you to the new world or stay with you in the old one, so this decision does not affect your relationship.

Complete Control

Choose options that feature control whenever possible, (not necessary, but beneficial: follow through a few steps of secret origin), view her as more than a machine, but a valuable, intelligent life form and reflect that opinion through your answers. Not much to do wrong here, either.

Bee Mine

Kind of tricky, in my opinion: During the bee mission: You have to prevent Queen Acma from getting killed, let Vecla develop her new form. Be kind to her, chose the options that favor her, be more of a healer, less of a fighter. It is beneficial to stay in the village as the end-aim, as she will want to stay there, too. It is beneficial, if not even crucial, to get Losh to come back. Compliment Vecla on her new bee-woman appearance after her transformation and chose to spend time with her. Do not romance any other character.

Shadowed Heart

Okay, this one is a continuous dance between failing and succeeding, but: In order to romance Keimia, you want to oppose the False Icon actively throughout the whole game, at any given moment and stress that your aim is to return home. You also want to flirt with Keimia :smiley: One example is the scene in which you hide in a cavern on your way to the Mound and Keimia talks about her dream: Choose the option (I think it is the first one) in which you can pay her a compliment, after that, chose the option that says: Hey, that dream-stuff is total nonsense (Reject the idea of the dream being true), as an example. It is also beneficial if you do not free Control in the first section, and rely on your person strength and spears while fighting the feathered monkeys. (This way Keimia will be impressed). Here are a few additional tips: You cannot prevent Keimia killing the Mound, you can however make her betray the ophidians by choosing the parley option, having a high relationship value with her (it is recommended therefore to choose the tabulation mission lastly) and reminding her, that the tribe is doing well without her, then choosing the first option that is something like “Yeah, you do not have to do this”. After that you want to let her live, obviously, and the Crowned Serpent will take over her place as a leader, most likely. You have to not chose anyone when asked whether you are interested in anyone in that free-time-datey-scene. After that you can visit Keimia in a nearby forest/ grove, tell her about your feelings. Then she will say: “bla bla I’m a damned thing” and you will choose the option that makes her feel good about herself and cheer her up (I think it is the second one). When caught in that weird time-shift thing where you encounter Stralcus, too, you can fight alongside Keimia against the Serpent and Stralcus, after that just try to follow through with your plan to destroy the false icon.

Myriads and Myriads

Let Stralcus fire the sunlense or fire it yourself, but let the False Icon escape. There is not a lot that can go wrong, there, I think :D. It is beneficial to weaken both armies during the fight. Do not be lured in by the False Icon.


This is easiest achieved by being a slave to the False Icon. Do what it wants, listen to its offers, and prevent Stralcus from firing the sunlense. Fight only Stralcus army, show Keimia that you are the “true” right hand of the False Icon.

Bitter Parting

Occurs, when your aim does not align with the one of the partner and both options are available (aka Myriads and myriads). Examples are: Your partner is control, she returns home, but you stay in the village, Your Partner is Alexius and his second transformation is fulfilled: You go home, he stays in the village, Your Partner is Vecla: you go home, she stays in the village.


I have not achieved this one yet! If you know how to do it, please let me know :smiley: My theory is, that you must chose a non-violent background, chose options that are violence-free (do not engage in combat or make others engage combat), help others to survive by choosing healing options, bide your time during fights by chosing to draw/ take photographs instead, chose to parley instead to fight, prevent the assasination of Queen Acma and Skull Ripper, save the Bridgekeepers, prevent the airship squad from suiciding themselves?

Time Collider

Missed this one, too so far, but I think I almost encountered it once: When you have a good bond with Therko and the airship exists till the last fight in your village, I think you can let it crash on the Tyrant?

Here are my recommendations on achievements which you can gather in one playthrough:

  • Myriads & Myriads works well with Bitter Parting
  • Shadowed Heart works well with Return To Normality and Modern Hero
  • Power of the Green works well with Savage Hero and Golden Touch
  • Savage Hero works well with Bee Mine
  • Savage Hero works well with Sky Fall
  • Secret Origin works well with Complete Control (and either Myriads and Myriads (and Bitter Parting) or Return to Normality and Modern Hero)
  • Mark of Favor works well with Big Game Hunter, Honorary Chieftain, Richer than Croesus, Kaboom!, Naturalist
  • Richer than Croesus works well with Kaboom or Ghost
  • Honorary Chieftain, Legendary Builder, work well with Bee Mine/Golden Touch Savage Hero, Sky Fall/Myriads and Myriads

Okay, I hope that was helpful! :slight_smile:
Have a beautiful day.

Feel free to ask questions!


You seem to be the most knowledgeable person on this game I’ve come across. Do you know how to capture the airship? After the “cog” mission (on the way back to river people village) I can get aboard, but then everyone goes crazy! I fixed the engine 1 time, but we crashed and another time I and Vecula watched for a place to land. Which we did land, but then the engine blew up! Ultimately I want the accomplishment where you hit a dinosaur with an airship or vice-versa. Thank you for any help. :blush:


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