"Siege of Treboulain"—Defend your magical city from invaders!

in my play through, the traitor was: The artist’s assistant.


Oh right, indeed he was :rofl: I actually thought there was someone one else since I felt like dude was technically not part of the inner circle, silly me

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I have only played the free part so far, and this game does seem quite promising!

I must say though: as a Finn, that alleged heir’s name threw me off for a bit :smiley: Did not expect to encounter such Finnish name in these types of games!


Same, even as a non-Finn. I was briefly like “Wait, was I supposed to pick a Finnish name?” then realized most of the names are not Finnish; that one is just very Finnish.

I highly doubt it, but is it possible to get back with Althan in the end?


What are the stat requirements to successfully rescue the prisoners?

Gosh that was fun :smiley: feel like i missed a few mysteries though.

Edit: Whether the reason for the siege was real, a delusion or a lie.

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I think the minimum is 60 to be successful, but my chosen stats is 70 so just try to maximize your chosen stat.

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I need to know this. I’m always trying to romance the villain.


I’m not going to lie, it’s getting VERY tiring to have to reset THE ENTIRE GAME because of an completely misleading option that fails at a great cost. It is REALLY, REALLY tiring, with no actual solution whatsoever.


It just feels like it should be possible. Even if the req. end up being that we gotta be single and not only beat their army but beat’em in one on one combat.

Overall: Not half bad a game. Some typo issues and some misleading options here and there, and will say I reaaaaaally wanted to rekindle a flame with our former paramour, but still, not to bad at all. Do hope for a continuation of sorts.


I was wondering the same thing, but judging by the code there is no varibles tracking romance with Althan, and no code part to get together with them during last chapters, unfortunately.

Patch addressing a number of typos has been pushed.

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Thank you!

Lovely game, glad to see that there were some more options to build agility early so that I had fallbacks when speech and magic failed.

One question, though: even if I do well it seems my supplies always end low, even if my finances are high. Are there major choices where you can gain supplies?
Or is it simply a matter of trying to never ever spend any

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I thinks it’s the matter of trying to find ways not to spend any since i couldn’t find a way to increase supplies until endgame.

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It’s actually kind of funny that our enemies are basically Huns/Mongols since the royal title I picked was “Khan”.


I finished it earlier and :+1::+1::+1: Not sure how to deal with the creature in the catacombs that the achievements point to

Its been a while since i liked a new and fresh cog release , while it did have some areas that could use much improvement but overall i loved being a king to a city a city of nature based magicians at that and defending it under against near impossible odds , honestly i would love a part 2nd to this saga where our king goes on to face the so called solscape.

Now onto the offputting parts - 1. Personality stats the way you gain or lose these at times come from choices that dont even seem to be related to that stat at all , also the reactions to a personality stat related choice needs to be more subtle , more show than tell , a lot of times when doing a charm or humility based choice the characters specifically saying how they are charmed , how humble you are etc etc is about as subtle as a brick hitting my face , kind of offputting.

  1. Lack of interactions with interesting side characters like our royal advisor and little tevi , would have loved some interactions with such characters.

But these criticisms take nothing away from the game , i enjoyed it enjoyed it a lot , i especially like how choices had consequences(like to save tevi lose an eye) , i also loved how you could only make limited preparations for an abrupt war , seemed realistic and made our choices seem crucial.

Overall loved it , looking forward to future projects from the author and if possible a part 2 of our treboulain king’s saga.