[Shards Trilogy] Shards I: Choices by Twilight (WIP)


Hi guys! So I’m not new to CoG, nor a new/blossoming general writer. But for the last month or so I’ve been working on a CoG called “Shards I: Choices by Twilight”, which is the first installment in (hopefully) a three part series. This is my first big project for CoG, as I’ve very meekly worked with the ChoiceScript for very small projects, mostly to entertain myself, but never something I intended to publish such as Choices by Twilight.
The main premise is fantasy with a good ol’ dollop of romance and suspense, depending on which route you take in the game. The universe is mostly one of my own that I’ve been using for a series of books I’m writing, though the CoG will not be related to the books and the universe is more like an AU than anything, heavily influenced by popular fantasy video games and lore. The character creation is going to be pretty in-depth (multiple genders, classes, races, defining features, etc), and choices will be extensively recorded and weighty on things that happen later in the game. Plot wise, it still has a few holes, but I’m confident I can get things squarely figured out waaaay before my estimated release date. As for romance, as of right now, I’m giving myself a bit of leeway with six multifaceted “regular” characters, who are all available to become your companion and/or your lover on your journey, though they will be static in gender, personality, and appearance (meaning that your choices are independent of these characters; they each have their own goals, standards, and places in the world, so don’t always expect for things to go right as rain). There might also be graphics added as I go along, made by yours truly, if I have enough time, such as maps and the like.
Besides that, I’m not sure if there’s much more to add. If any of you have suggestions, questions, or comments, please let me know! I’ll keep updating on my progress and refine some points as I go along.

- Caitie B, “nicambi”

EDIT [11/16/14]: So I had a few requests to expound on the plot, which I should have done before. Admittedly, I was really really tired last night, so forgive a girl for overlooking some details >_>
Alright, so in regards to plot, you start off as a nobody, a bit of a low-life in the worst city of thieves in the nation. Depending on your choices, you have options to gain followers, resources, favors, and/or renown through your actions, as well as increasing or decreasing your various skills. As the plot forwards, you become privy to a dark secret that could mean not only the destruction of your life as you know it, but the world. I won’t say more on this dark secret as to not give too much of the plot up (I did say suspense earlier, didn’t I? c; ), and because it heavily factors into the next two games, but I’m making sure that the more focused you are on certain skills, how well you play to those strengths, and the decisions you make, will definitely factor in to a powerful and favorable outcome. Your real struggle in this first game is to become someone who can make a difference, because no one cares how much you know if honestly no one has any clue who you are. It’s not all courtly intrigue, if you don’t play it that way, at least, nor as boring sounding; there’s as much adventure, daring-do, and romantic opportunity as I can possibly muster into this game, promise. If you want further details, just ask, I’ll answer as much as I can without compromising the good of the plot c:

EDIT [11/17/14]: Should have further explained: you and your companions are part of a mercenary group that works out of “Cerpusculan”, a city rife with depravity and the birth place of Lady Luck. You take on the role of the group’s leader, and that is where the story begins, with you making your way out of the city on a new job only to be sucked into the problems happening around you. Things avalanche from there.

Further lore to provide: there are multiple races provided, some pretty standard fare in any fantasy lore and some not so standard. There are Nodiks, or rather the humans; the Eilvin, or the elves, who take on a more traditionally “dwarven” role in 'verse; the Dwarves, which don’t need to be explained, but take on a more traditionally “elven” role in 'verse; and then the Durks, which are a race of “beast-folk” that look primarily like bipedal cats and wolves. Think along the lines of the Khajiit from the video game series, Elder Scrolls, at least in ways of appearance. I’ll update more with things I think will be useful as they come to me.


This sounds pretty awesome from what you’ve said so far, I will eagerly await more of it :smiley:


Sounds great. :smile:
Id like to get some information on the plot though.


I agree with Sepulchre. It sounds good, but what is the plot? Who is our character?


Sounds awesome can’t wait to be able to play it


This seems like a very ambitious project and one that will require a lot of time and effort. I’m glad that you’re familiar with Choicescript and hope that you’ll know enough of it to pull it off. You’re idea is a good one and I can see it going a long way, so I want you to know that I’ll try and support you the whole way.

There is such a thing as being ‘too ambitious’ however, and I fear that this project will be too much for you to handle. After all, there’s a lot of stuff you’ve talked about already. I advise you to plan it all out to make sure that you can manage it, write down the times you should work and maintain a schedule, don’t do too much or too little, instead find something that works for you. I’d recommend 1000 words a day, but I know that could be different with Choicescript.

Good luck though, I’m looking forward to reading this in the future.


@nicambi It looks pretty good actually…but what is the “story” about?


@Thomas_Nixon Thank you, darling, such encouragement is really nice to hear. I appreciate it a lot!

And I know, but I like to think I’m keeping myself mostly in check. I might cut back on a few things, but I’m pretty dead set on the characters and other aspects I’ve touched on. Still, I appreciate the advice, because it’s some of the best to keep in mind c: I don’t think it’ll be a walk in the park, or even be out any time soon, but I’m keeping myself consistently busy with writing at least a fair amount each day and making sure things weave back to the linear route before diverging again. That’s all that can be done, really, is plod along till the end XD I hope I’m not sounding overly enthused, though, as from writing already, I’m not sure if I’ll have more choices available to players than some of the best CoGs out already, but I just know what things I’m working with and writing down a few of them here for everyone to see and know. Juicy morsels to chew over, as it were. Thanks again for the support!


@Drini7 A good summary of the plot is this:

You start out in the city of Crepusculan with your group of mercenaries (the name of which is decided by you, the player), right on the cusp of a big job. You haven’t scored big in months, so this isn’t only a last ditch effort to keep your company together, it’s also an opportunity for your coin purse and your ego. The job is simple: escort the cargo to the capital city of Aureate, and then collect your pay. That’s all well and fine until you discover what your cargo is, and then all hell breaks loose. Strange things begin to happen, dark shadows grace the skies, and a sickness begins to spread across the land. It’s not your job to play hero, but a lot of lives hang in the balance, including yours, and if you wish to see another day, you have to fight this new evil tooth and nail for it…and this unnamed cargo holds the key to it all. But you’re not the only one who’s fate is wrapped up in this mystery freight; in the royal courts, you find an enemy more sick and twisted than any corruption of the land can muster, and it’s through your struggles to not only rise above it but to conquer it that you will be judged worthy. This is only the beginning, though, and time is running out. How ever you plan to play, one goal is certain: you must ready yourself for the storm to come.

Sorry there are not too many specifics, but I want to try and keep the plot as vague as I can without giving too much of it up, if only to eventually make playing it all the more satisfying.


@nicambi Sounds EPIC…my kind of story.I suppose it’s set on a medieval fantasy setting…but out of curiosity can you tell me if we will be able to choose between saving the world or dooming it for personal profit or something along those lines.

Also,are we going to get a demo,and if so when? (god damn it,got myself hyped again…)


It’s good to know that you have a handle on things. If you can, try to include interesting choices and not make it about ‘good and evil’, because you can go further than that.


This is my type of game! Can’t wait! :


@Drini7 Yeah, it is pretty much that. There are a lot of influences on the setting, mainly video games, but a fair few books and the like, though the primary influence is definitely the 'verse I created for the books I’ve been tentatively writing, as this CoG game is, realistically, a heavily altered AU of that 'verse. But very basically? Yes, medieval fantasy. With a good, solid dose of romance. And a dash of suspense. c;

That’s my hope! XD At no point in time will your character be obligated to be a hero in the traditional sense; the whole reason they even bother in the first place to try and stem this tide of vileness is because it puts them, and to a lesser degree, their company, in harm’s way, which is kind detrimental to making coin. You are a mercenary, after all. It’s up to you as the player to take that and run with it c:

And a demo won’t be out for a while longer, yet. I’m pretty good about writing each day, but I have work and family as well as a pretty robust social life XD I’ll keep everyone updated on the status, but I don’t want to make an promises at such an early stage.