I have played through Choice of the Vampire many times yet I am never able to get this ability. Also I was wondering if there is a way to get Estefania as a love interest.

St.Charles storyline allow you to get a little Shapeshifting.

Estefania doesn’t have any romance moment in game right now, just like Jeese.

St.Charles storyline???

yea, estefania should be a love interest, shes pretty cool.

You have to select the beast-guy (I forgot his name) as your sire to get any skill in shapeshifting. Choose to head further up the river instead of going to New Orleans to get more.

@animalsienna Thanks a lot.

I’ve gotten it before when you choose West as your maker then move on to St. Charles (I think that’s what it’s called) If you keep choosing options to increase that ability eventually you can morph parts of your body, like your ears to increase your hearing, etc. I don’t think you can with Estefania, but she is pretty cool, hopefully she’ll reappear in part 2. :slight_smile:

I got it quite nicely on my 2nd go. pick west as ur maker then go further up the missisippi (to st. charles. I chose to make a land in the wilderness put it may work on others. You will automatically gain a shapeshifting point but you can advance it by calling to animals to help the boy, using ur shapeshifting abilities to find the muskrats and the obvious choice at the end of the chapter (unless there is a way of staying in the village?)

For shape shifting just pick west as maker and improve over time

I’ve done this, and I still don’t get any points to shapeshifting. Does it have anything to do with your gender or background?

This post is a little old but I wanted to share something from a recent playthrough. There doesn’t seem to be a romance interest with Estefania but I did stumble on what I would call a moment… Keep your character interested in Arts and when Este asks what blood you prefer choose blood of musicians and artists. Later you get a choice to appease to Este, Jesse or your maker and predictably you have to choose Este and you should get the opportunity to feed together, afterwards the two of you ‘lose control in a frenzy of passion’ but it seems to end at that.

Edit: she seems to trust you with the secret of the blood after this and the vampire gallery mentions she enjoys your company. But thats as romantic as it gets with her :smile:

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