Selectable_ifs and No Selectable Options Error

The error I’m getting is: No selectable options at recess line 2006 which is the *label Ivan3

I have tried everything I can think of. Creating dummy options that don’t require a selectable_if, lowering the stats needed, checking spelling and capitalization of variables, making sure all of the gotos work.

I pass quicktest and am not having any errors when play-testing. Am only getting this error from randomtest. Have been stuck on this for like a week. Any help would be appreciated!

My code looks like this:

*label Ivan3

text that doesn't matter

   #I knock loudly, hoping someone will let me in. 
      *set IvanOpinion %-5
      *goto NocturneKnock3
   #I loudly yell for Ivan to let me in. 
      *set reputation %-10
      *set IvanOpinion %-5
      *goto NocturneYell3
   *selectable_if (residency == "Seventh Generation") #I use the secret knock my father taught me when we came here to celebrate my coming of age.
      *set IvanOpinion %+5 
      *goto NocturneFancy3
   *selectable_if (wisdom + charisma > 5) #I politely knock using typical customs of Port Brakish elites.
      *set IvanOpinion %+2
      *goto NocturneKnock3
   *selectable_if (strength > 5) #I do not have time for this. I simply kick the door down.
      *set reputation %-10
      *set IvanOpinion %-10
      *goto NocturneKick3

Have you edited the file in another program then pasted it back into CSIDE? I get these kinds of errors sometimes. Basically what happens is the spacing becomes messed up and the indendation is inconsistent.

To test if this is the case, delete your choices and rewrite them as stubs (the bare minimun of text inside them so you dont do too much work), and see if this fixes your issue.

Just tried that to no avail x.x

Do you still get the error if you remove the selectable_ifs? Does it still happen if you use *fake_choice?

Also does Choicescript use “==” within the commands?

Not that I’ve ever seen. That’s probably the error. Randomtest is generally more rigorous with syntax.

The two issues I can see are the residency check has 2 = remove one of them m

And the wisdom+charisma check I believe should be written like this (or that’s how I coded something similar)

((wisdom + charisma) > 5)

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