A selectable_if error

So it’s giving me an error and after multiple checks and retries I can’t seem to fix this one.

The error I’m getting is: Ch2 line 924: Non-existent command ‘selectable_if’

My code looks like this:
Line 924
*selectable_if (strength > 28) #Pry the door open myself. I'm strong enough.

I’m relatively new and have used this command before and never had any problems up till now.

Since the sample you posted appears to be coded correctly, the error is likely the way the sample relates to the code around it, rather than the contents of the sample.

My first guess is indentation. Is line 924 indented the correct number of tabs (or spaces) under a *choice or *fake_choice line? I’d start by double-checking that.

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Can you show us the code surrounding that bit?

@Minnow this lines not indented and doesn’t have any preceding spaces
@Gower I’ll post it early tomorrow morning! Just left for work.

This line should be indented as it will follow a *choice command.

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