Trouble with *if and *selectable_if commands

Cool so the testing app is bouncing back quite a few *if and *selectable_if commands, saying these commands are non existent, which doesn’t make sense as I’ve used them before earlier in the story. Also it gave me this weird message

RANDOMTEST FAILED: Error: Endurance line 1348: Non-existent variable ‘stay’

for the line

*if (astridr > 1) #Stay with her

why is it treating #stay like *stay?! it should be an option

Try this

*if (astridr > 1)
<<tab>> #Stay with her
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Im pretty sure you need something after the command

it gives me

RANDOMTEST FAILED: Error: Endurance line 1348: Couldn’t parse the line after *selectable_if: (astridr > 1)

Do you have a variable?

*create astridr 0

Wait, I’m using CSIDE and the format is like that

Put a space between the closing bracket ) and the hash #.

Oh, and if you’re using *if, it’s recommended to nest the choice below it.

*if (astrid > 1)

so two spaces? I already have one

Hmm. Mind you showing us the code?
If you can’t figure out how to preformat, screenshot is fine.


Use grave accent ` (below ESC button, keyboard) to cover the texts.
Alternatively, instead of Ctrl + B, it’s Ctrl + Shift + C for Windows.

so the *if works now, but *selectable_if doesn’t because of some parse thing. This is all super confusing because I have done this before and it has worked lol

Look closely. A random character must have made their way into the line (or missing, depending on the error).

BTW, for refreshment, the syntax for *selectable_if is

*selectable_if (condition) #Choice body
   Choice text
`*selectable_if (space) #Choice 
                           *set choice %+29 
*selectable_if (astridr > 1) #Stay with her 
	*set astrid +20 
	You hear Astrid say something muffled, but you can't quite make it out. You're not sure you need to. You lead her back inside where she finds a couch to relieve her feet of their duty. As you join your teammate, she slowly collapses and lays her head on your lap, making you the world's largest pillow.

	She stops shaking a minute or two later as she falls asleep. You're not far behind her.
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You know what? I think you messed up with the indentation.
Do another round of screen-staring and check the indentation of the *choice and the #option.

#wish astrid

There is no *goto command?

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i think that might have fixed it, i was expecting it to wrap around and catch the goto under it

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